Naruto 598 Prediction: Its Time-II

Naruto 598 Prediction: Its Time-II
(Scene switch to real Madara vs Naruto & Bee)

(Madara walks towards Naruto and Bee.His each forward step makes them more serious and making defensive pose)

MADARA : Uzumaki Naruto and Jinchuriki of the Hachibi.....surrender to me for my Moon's Eye Plan.....I want the tailed beasts.

BEE : Go **** your Mother****er!!......hmpf.....hmpf....

NARUTO : Yeah....we won't let you complete your hopeless plan....hmph....hmph....and we won't let you take away the bijuus either...

MADARA : As expected from the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi.....but thats a pathetic decision.

(Makes a sudden approach towards Naruto and Bee)

(Naruto goes in Kyuubi Chakra Mode and Bee goes in Version 2 Mode and makes a defensive pose)

MADARA : (While running)Its useless against me................?!!!Ahhh.....

(Naruto with yellow flash speed punches in Madara's stomach while he was approaching them).

NARUTO : Don't mess with the Leaf Ninjas...(launches an upward punch on Madara throwing him in the air and extends his chakra hands holding Madara's one hand & swinging in the air and then slams him on the ground)

(Bee reaches near Madara and with a point blank range creates a bijuudama)

BEE : Yeeeeaaaah.....BIJUUDAMA!!!

(Madara lying on the ground touches the bomb with his hands and absorbs it completely before its launch along with Naruto chakra hands)

BEE : ?!!!

NARUTO : ?!!!.....(Uncle Bee.....)

(Bee watches Naruto and jumps backwards)

MADARA : (Who is about to stand on his feet...)?!!!

(Naruto gets close to Madara and launches a punch on him but Madara holds Naruto's hand and lands a punch on his face)

(Naruto while getting punched watch Madara and smiles and poofs away creating white smoke around Madara)

MADARA : Just a clone....


(As the smoke clears away Madara gets hit with the Rasen Shuriken.The Shuriken then swirls with increasing the area)

BEE : Yoooo kid!!You nailed him.

NARUTO : Heh.....?!!!(A voice is heard from behind Naruto)

???? : It seems the village didn't told you about my space time techniques.

(And is about to hold Naruto but Naruto draws out a chakra hand holding Madara's and push himself away from Madara)

(While going back Naruto sees Madara smiling)

NARUTO : ?!!!

(Where Naruto lands Madara teleports himself behind Naruto again)

(This repeats many times.And now Naruto is in mid air and still senses Madara's chakra around him.Accordingly he spreads out several chakra hands and extends to hold Madara but.....)

NARUTO : ?!!!!

BEE : ?!!!

(Every chakra hand catches Madara and everyone of them smiles)

(Madara which was near Naruto says)

MADARA : You forgot about your friend.(and smiles)

KURAMA : Hey Naruto, these are all mirage, the real one is .....

(Naruto watches Bee)

NARUTO : Uncle Bee!!!

(the real Madara emerges behind Bee and holds his neck)

(Madara absorbs Bee's Version 2 Mode leaving him into human form and still absorbing his chakra)

(Slowly and steadily Bee goes numb and closing his eyes slowly)

NARUTO : Uncle Bee!!!!

MADARA : ?!!!

(Bee bursts into ink)

MADARA : An ink clone.

BEE : Finding me!!!

(Madara looks back and suddenly several swords gets impaled in him by Bee who is in now human form with a sword in his mouth and a leg holding one sword)

(Madara is thrown away on the ground and then gets up and removes the sword from his body and regenerates again)

KURAMA : Naruto, Madara is not the person with whom you can play.Now let me and hachibi handle the issue......(to Hachibi)....Gyuuki lets fight Madara together!!

HACHIBI : ?!!! What?

KURAMA : What Happened?

HACHIBI : I never expected that from you......OK, its fine with me.(to
Bee)Hey Bee, now let me fight him.

BEE : Sure....

(BEE goes in Bijuu Mode)

NARUTO : Alright, lets do this!!

(Naruto watches his skin pealing off from his body and then with every tail growing,Naruto unleashes dense chakra across the battlefield and then screams loudly streaming the air away from him)

EVERYONE : ?!!!! What is that chakra ? (Then watches the tails of the Kyuubi)

MADARA : So you became serious huh?....Ok then lets fight now (Goes in Perfect Susano'o mode)

KURAMA : Madara.....Uchiha.....I'll tear you into pieces.(And growls at him)

MADARA : Hmmm.........


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