Naruto 597 Prediction: Its TIME

Naruto 597 Prediction: Its TIME
TOBI : Damn that Orochimaru......he planned this far.

FATHER : Sasuke....... you've....... grown.

SASUKE : ........

FATHER : Itachi promised me to keep you safe.... but (looks around the Battlefield) ....Madara....

Uchiha.... it seems you're in a mess.Where is Itachi ?

SASUKE : Brother is..........Dead!!!

FATHER & MOTHER : Dead ?!!!

OROCHIMARU : ...What an emotional get together..... but.... sorry for the interruptions... (It seems

Madara broke the contract...... I must make him under my control or it will be difficult for me to win

this war.)(Watches a man)(And I have a card for it)

MADARA : As the Leader of Uchiha clan.... I must deal with you(to Orochimaru) for using my

clan....And since I hate this ninja world....I must also deal with the Shinobi Force.
(Madara watches at the Uchiha clan)
(Make handsigns)
Tajuu....Mokuton Bunshin No Jutsu(Creates two clones)
(First Clone Stands in front of the Uchiha Clan)
(Second Clone Stands in front of the Shinobi Force)
(The real Madara stands near Tobi)

MADARA : Tobi.... it seems you failed in capturing the Hachibi and the Kyuubi.... and you made the

seal for reviving the juubi already.... it will be incomplete. I'll deal with both of them.
(Madara stands before Naruto and Killer Bee)

KAKASHI : We must deal with Madara here....

SOME SHINOBIS : ( In fear )...Madara is here means he killed our Kages....then how we would be

able to beat him??

MADARA : Lets get this done fast...

FATHER & MOTHER : Sasuke you must stop us...We can't hurt you....bu-
(Orochimaru now totally makes them killing machines)

SASUKE : You bastard!! I won't leave you...

OROCHIMARU : kukuku... lets see how strong you are infront of your beloved father and

(Sasuke goes in Perfect Susano'o mode and launches an attack towards the Uchiha clan)
(But is blocked)

SASUKE : ?!!!

(The First Clone of Madara blocks Sasuke's attack)

OROCHIMARU : my... Sasuke what will you do now?

TOBI : ?!! (Why is he blocking Sasuke.....)

SASUKE : (But how....Madara said he will fight against Orochimaru....and now.....what is


OROCHIMARU : I can now watch this battle...Uchiha vs Uchiha....(Orders the Uchiha clan members to

attack the Shinobi force)....You three guard me...

SASUKE : (Watches at Orochimaru)Thats it.....SHISUI.....It seems he casted his Genjutsu on Madara.

(Scene switch to Second Clone vs Shinobi Force)

KAKASHI : One third team will handle the Uchiha clan and the remaining will fight Madara here..

(One third Shinobi force separates out )

MADARA : Lets see how long you'll survive this.(Starts approaching the crowd.)
(Everyone starts falling back)
(Madara runs into the crowd)
(Everyone attacks him with their jutsu but Madara does not allows the attacks to touch him through

repulsive powers of the rinnegan)

MADARA : (Stretches his hands out and forms four extra hands through rinnegan's mechanical powers

and then....) BANSHO....TENIN(Universal Pull)....Your deaths won't be much painful.
(Due to this he attracts several shinobis surrounding him at a time)
(Every hand except the real ones modifies into blasters and shoots at the attracted shinobis)
(The shinobis gets blasted into pieces and blood spreads on the ground. Watching this,the fear among the

shinobis rises.)

SOME SHINOBIS : What the....what is...... he?

MADARA : Ready for the next round.....SHINRA.....TENSEI.(Almighty Push)(Shinobis within the

range gets thrown away and at the same time)...WOOD STYLE..BINDING NEST(Traps the Shinobi

inside a growing tree leaving their head out and then crush them inside the tree)

MADARA : Let me end this now....WOOD STYLE....GIANT FOREST(Suddenly several growing trees

with sharp tip comes out from the ground around Madara and heads towards the Shinobi.)....This is the


EVERYONE : We are done for!.........?!!

MADARA : ?!!! What......!!
(The growing trees attacking the shinobi are blocked by Sand from all sides preventing it to move.A huge

Shadow forms from above where Madara is standing)

MADARA : ?!!! (Looks up.A huge palm made of sand is heading towards him)...Hmm.

KITSUCHI : This is it.....EARTH STYLE ....EARTH RAMPART (lifts the ground near Madara)

MADARA : (looking at the shaking ground)....Hmm?!!

SOME SHINOBIS : Lord Kazekage has arrived!!!!

(The Sand Palm hits Madara with high speed forming a huge crate on the ground.But nothing happens

to Madara because Madara avoids the hit with his repulsive power to create a hole in the palm and then

jumps in the air)

(Gaara is seen on a sand cloud with one hand pointing at Madara and the other hand is shown in motion

as if he is throwing something towards Madara )

MADARA : (In the air)...?!!!

(Gaara's sand mimics as his hand holding A at its end throwing him towards Madara with full speed)

A : (Its faster than the old man's technique.)(And increasing his lightning speed reaches nearby

Madara then facing Madara's back and holding him in opposite direction i.e.,head down and legs up.)...


(Everything happens in mere seconds)

(A huge wave of lightning runs through the ground when Madara gets dropped and A falls

back.Tsunade runs ahead jumps and then hits Madara with her concentrated chakra punch increasing

the area and cracks in the ground.)

MEI : (Comes forth) LAVA STYLE : LAVA PRISON (slams her hand on the ground and Lava rushes

out from the cracks and creates a large dome around Madara and then converging the dome to its

minimum volume.)

GAARA : (Moves the sand around the lava dome and shaping the sand into long staffs to make them

hard and strong).......SAND PRISON (The staffs hits the dome from all sides penetrating it and forming a


MEI : Hmph...hmph...did we succeed?

???? : What you think ?

(Madara bursts out of the Sand Sphere using his one hand only)


MADARA : Its enough now.....(Goes in Susano'o mode)


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