Naruto 595 Prediction: WHY?

Naruto 595 Prediction: WHY?
(Scene switch to Madara vs 5 Kages)

5 KAGES : Kyuubi?!!!

TSUNADE : What are you up to now?.....You Bastard!!

OONOKI : We are your opponents.....Make handsigns.

MADARA : ?!!(Who was giving a twist to his neck stretches his hand towards Oonoki and pulls him towards himself)

OONOKI : ?!!! (Stops making handsigns with shocked face).


(A wooden stick emerges out of Madara's other hand forming a shape of a weapon)

MADARA : You lived enough........(As Oonoki reaches near, Madara grabs his neck damaging his throat and pierce the wooden weapon through his heart)........and you talked a lot.

OONOKI : (Coughing out blood)?!!!! (Struggling to scream).

(Runs towards Madara)

MADARA : (Watches at the Kages approaching him.Stretches his hand towards them). S..H..I..N..R..A.....T..E.....?!!!
(Senses a huge wave approaching him along with rocks and the hand pointed towards the kages moves towards the incoming wave to block it to protect himself while the kages unaware of the sudden blow gets thrown away)

(In slow motion)
(Madara is shown standing while the dust, trees, stones moves from his side ways without touching him.)

MADARA : (throws Oonoki on the ground who is struggling to breathe) (Smirk on his face) Hmm........looks the Juubi

is revived.......but looking at the chakra level it seems its still....... incomplete!!
(Leaves the Battlefield)

(The fallen Kages lying on the ground struggles to stand.After standing looks around)
(the field is still covered with dust)

MEI : (on her feet) What was that......?

(The remaining Kages stand. The dust clears out.)

KAGES : (Watching Oonoki surrounded by blood).......... ?!!!! (Rushes towards him)

(Oonoki lying on the ground unconscious watches kages approaching him with one eye closed hearing their voice)

(Kages stand near Oonoki watching him shivering on the ground)

A : Hokage, hurry up!!!

TSUNADE : (sits near Oonoki and starts healing him)...............

MEI : .........

GAARA : .......(looking into Oonoki's eyes) You knew you won't be able to beat Madara but you still tried hard........WHY?....Why did you go that far?

(Oonoki tries to talk but couldn't)

TSUNADE : Don't push yourself..... (Stops healing his chest and concentrates on healing his throat)

OONOKI : (Becoming a little conscious looking at Gaara and remembers his past, the way he used Akatsuki to increase his strength during past battles against the villages, the way he let Roshi[four tail jinchuriki] to get captured by the Akatsuki, the way he used his own people for decoy, his stubborn behaviour)

(After some time, Tsunade stops healing Oonoki)

A : What happened Hokage?

TSUNADE : He can't be saved now....his heart suffered a massive damage....but he can spe...

OONOKI : .....I.....I did lot of mistakes throughout my life.......(remembers facing Madara in the past)..he made me to hate the world.....(remembers his sensei Muu dying).....made me stubborn old geezer.....(remembers the ninjas who went rogue)....made my people suffer because of me.....but....(remembers gaara asking him "When did you all forsake yourselves?") made me to think again.....(remembers gaara holding naruto and oonoki with his sand while facing against Madara) showed me a path to correct my mistakes and......... to rebuild my village filled with love, faith in each other death......(coughs out blood) I can face my people in the........ afterlife.
(Closes his eyes forever)

KAGES : ?!!!!

(Kages stands there for a moment watching the Tsuchikage of the Hidden Stone Village resting in peace)

(Scene switch to Naruto, KB vs Tobi)

TOBI : Its over for you two now (watching Naruto and Killer Bee)(Stretches out his hand towards them)

(The Gedo statue grow chakra hands and grabs Killer Bee who was lying unconscious on the ground.)

(The Shinobis who survived the Gedo's previous attack watches Killer Bee takeen by the Masked Man)

TOBI : (looking at Naruto) You talked too much.....(remembers Nagato's mind change) changed people's mind....and now look at yourself.
(Naruto is shown standing on his feet but still some what unconscious)

(Meanwhile Gedo extracts out the Hachibi from KillerBee and throws away Killer Bee's corpse)

(After the extraction process gets completed, Gedo grows one more tail and bones around its body)

TOBI : I must kill you now and then I'll take the Kyuubi from you....... Uzumaki Naruto!!

(At Tobi's actions, Gedo stretches out one of its tail towards Naruto to kill him)

(The Konoha 11 who were thrown away along with the others watches Naruto getting captured)

TOBI : Finally.....Hmm?!!

NARUTO : ?!!!

KAKASHI & GAI : ?!!!

KONOHA 11 : ?!!!

(Hinata is shown standing infront of Naruto facing her back to him with her hand activating the lion fist.The hand approaching for Naruto is diverted by Hinata's attack impaling her chest and then pinned down to the ground)

NARUTO : Hinata......Hinata.......?!!!! (looks on the ground shedding tears) ......Why?....Why did you did this?

HINATA : Beca....use......Even during this war...I was a burden on you....You saved me.....but.....(remembers her fight with pain) can say that I did my best to protect you.

(The hand of the Gedo retrieves back)
(As the hand gets removed, Hinata falls down on the ground)

(Naruto still in the shock watching Hinata dead near his feet)
(Naruto starts boiling chakra cloak of the Nine Tailed fox)


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