Naruto 594 spoilers [Predictions & Discussions]

Naruto 594 spoilers [Predictions & Discussions]

Naruto 594 spoilers!!! Naruto 594  Predictions&Discussions!!! 
Naruto 593 has been released now!!!

Naruto 593 " Orochimaru Resurrected " Summary :

The chapter starts off with Suigetsu and Jugo talking with Sasuke. Sasuke ressurects Orochimaru using a piece of Kabuto's flesh and Anko's cursed seal. Orochimaru knows about what's going on in the world from existing in Anko's seal, but he has no interest in the war. Orochimaru wants to steal Sasuke's body but admits he is not powerful enough to do so at this point. Sasuke hands Orochimaru the scroll found by Suigetsu and tells Orochimaru to take him to the people with the answers. Sasuke wants to know the whole truth about the Uchihas and the village before he makes his decision as to what to do next. Orochimaru agrees and takes chakra from Kabuto before starting the journey to take Sasuke to find the answers.

 Despite what he says, Sasuke intends on reviving Orochimaru. 

He has no interest in this war,but he is interested in taking Sasuke’s body.

 Without mincing words, Sasuke let’s him know that he needs his help. 

He just wants answers. He’s lost, indecisive, and has lost his sense of direction.

 Anyway, Sasuke believes that through that power hidden in the scroll thar, along with Orochimaru’s help, he can meet these mysterious individuals and get the answers he needs. 

The process also gives Kabuto his natural appearance again. 

You can tell by Sasuke’s expression, which almost mimics Kabuto’s achingly solemn one, that Sasuke empathizes with Kabuto. He understands how Kabuto must’ve felt, and probably feels like he’s looking at himself in the mirror.

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