Naruto 594 Prediction: WAY TO PEACE

Naruto 594 Prediction: WAY TO PEACE
MADARA : You already lost your HOPE!!....Oonoki.

OONOKI : ?!!!.....Argh!


TSUNADE : Old man!!
(the four Kages run towards Madara who has his hand still pierced in Oonoki's chest)

(Madara goes in Susano'o mode increasing the area of piercing attack and throws Oonoki towards the kages)

MADARA : Tajuu Mokuton Bunshin no Jutsu (Creates four clones)

(The clones attacks the incoming Kages who are about to hold the thrown Oonoki)
(All the clones goes in Susano'o form and are about to lay an attack with their weapon)

KAGES : Oh no?!!!(with wide eyes opened)

(Gaara pulls his hand out and holds Oonoki with his sand and creates a wall of wide area behind Oonoki to avoid the attack of the clones.)

MADARA : ?!! Still have some team spirit huh?

(The attack of the Clones hits the wall and a huge explosion of sand occurs throwing the five kages and the clones in opposite directions)

(Gaara, Mei and A stands around Tsunade holding Oonoki in her hand on the ground)

A : Hokage, heal the old man as fast as you can.We can't lose him at this moment(Has an angry face)

GAARA, MEI : ?!!!

OONOKI : good.(looking at tensed and shocked face of Tsunade).

TSUNADE : ?!!....don't worry.......?!!!(and stops healing Oonoki)

A : What happend Hokage?

TSUNADE : I'm.......helpless......!!

A, GAARA, MEI : ?!!!

OONOKI : (looking at Gaara)...........Thank......You....(remembers the kage summit,Gaara asking him the question "When did you forsake yourselves?")(And closes his eyes forever)

GAARA : ?!!!......Everyone in this Shinobi world will remember you the way you sacrificed your life for the peace.

(A, Tsunade, Gaara and Mei stands around Oonoki's dead body watching him for a moment)

MADARA : Poor.......I don't have time to play with you all.My clones will take care of you.Lets see whether you survive against my clones till I get out of the range.(And Madara leaves the Battlefield.)

(The four clones makes hand signs.First and Fourth clones makes same hand signs.And Second and Third Clone make same hand signs)

SECOND & THIRD Clone : Fire Style-Great Fireball Jutsu.

FIRST & FOURTH Clone : Wind Style-Beast Wave Violent Wind Strike.

(Fireball jutsu creates a huge ball of fire.The two fireballs created merges into a big one.)

(The Wind Style attack creates a huge wind claw pushing and slicing anything in their way.Each claw created by first and fourth clone from both sides push the giant fireball with maximum speed and also increasing its attack power)

(The four kages look towards the attack with a shock and then with a confidence)

(Gaara's sand covers Oonoki's corpse)

(Tsunade starts healing Mei)

MEI : Water Style-Water ShockWave Jutsu (Causes a large volume of water to materialize out of nowhere)

MEI : Water Style-Water Tornado Jutsu (Utilizes water to create a spinning water vortex around them)

MEI : Water Style-Water Dragon Jutsu (Several Water Dragons comes out from the surrounding vortex and rushes towards the firestyle attack)

A : Lightning Style-False Darkness Spear Jutsu (Emits a lightning spear from the mouth which then splits into multiple spears)

(The splitted spears gets centered into the water dragons and head towards firestyle attack)

GAARA : Sand Cocoon
(Creates a Sphere of Sand around them and protects from incoming attack.)

(The attacks cancel out each other and at the same time)

GAARA : Sand Shuriken
(The sphere of sand throws several sand shurikens towards the four clones)

(The clones takes hit of the shurikens.The shurikens after the hit travels through the Susano'o inside and holds the neck of the Clones)


GAARA : Sand Coffin
(The sand inside the susano'o surrounding crushes clone's neck and poofs away)

MEI : Hmph....Hmph....Hmph.

A : Hmph.....Hmph...

GAARA : Hmph....Hmph....for now....we are safe.But.....we must head towards Madara.

MADARA : Hmm....It seems they survived my clones.I'll deal with them later.

(Gaara holds Oonoki's corpse and the kages move in the direction of Madara.On their way....)

TEMARI : Gaaraaaaa.....

GAARA : ?!!!
(lands near Temari,Dodai and other shinobis who were fighting against Muu)

TEMARI : Thank goodness you are all safe.We just saw Madara moving in that direction and we thought we lost you all.(And suddenly looks at dead Oonoki)


KAGES : ..............

TSUNADE : Hold the old man and take him to the HQ.....we are heading towards Madara.

TEMARI : Lady Hokage.....take this(gives a small bag of food pills) all will need it to fight against him.

(Tsunade takes it)

TSUNADE : Thanks.......Lets go!!.....After reaching HQ tell Shikaku Nara to contact us.

(The Kages head towards Madara and Temari, Dodai and other shinobis along with Tsuchikage's corpse head towards HQ)



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