Naruto 594 Prediction: Unpleasant return

Naruto 594 Prediction: Unpleasant return
Juugo: ...what do we do with Kabuto and Anko?
Orochimaru: Bring them a long. The good people of the leaf should take care of them.
Sasuke: The leaf?
Orochimaru: Yes, that's where we're going.
Suigetsu: Wait a guys just can't walk into're both extremely hated their remember...
Orochimaru: ....
Sasuke: A war's going on, all their shinobi should be gone.
Orochimaru: Except for the elders.
Sasuke: !
Orochimaru: I'll explain on the way, let's go.

Scene swtich to Madara

Madara: Anyway, I'm off. If you try to stop me, I'll kill you.
Onoki: Damit...
Onoki floats in front of Madara with his hands in Jinton formation.
Tsunade: Tsuchikage! Stand down!
Onoki: no....we promised Naruto...we can't would our image and fight be recognized in history when we admit defeat and the enemy spared us...
Madara: You really want to die don't you?
Onoki: If I die, at least it looked like I made an effort...that the lives of thousands were not in vain.
Gokake: ....
Onoki: I'll end this the same with Muu-sama would have.
Madara: !
Madara flashback
Both Onoki and Muu are on the ground
Muu: Do you feel safe from our particle style by staying in that jinton?
Madara: Are you calling me a coward Tsuchikage?
Muu: No, I'm calling the Uchiha clan cowards.
Madara: ....Enough.
Madara goes for the stab and strikes Muu.
Onoki: Sensei!
Madara: All talk and no show.
Muu: I'll say it once more, do you feel safe?
Madara: !?
Muu stands inside Susano with a sword held to Madara's neck.
Madara: I split before you even came here so my eyes wouldn't notice...then you hid from me with your camouflage technique...
Muu: Just because you dislike Hashirama doesn't mean we do, we won't try to cause a war because of your emotions.
Madara: Then finish me off lord Tsuchikage.
Muu: Killing you here won't prove anything, rather, when the time comes, you will be killed by those you have harmed.
Madara: And that would be....
Flashback ends
Onoki: The entire shinobi race!
Madara: !!
Madara actives Susano and grabs Onoki
Raikage: Shit.
Mei: Tsuchikage Sama!
Madara: Be gone.
Madara crushes Onoki.
Suddenly 4 Onoki's come out of the ground and grab Madara.
Gokage: !?
Madara: What's this? Rock bunshins? When?
Gaara: *Back when he fought the mummy..he must have hid himself in the clones....this whole time...this was a rock bunshin?*
Onoki: Have you forgotten it was you who killed Lord first Tsuchikage, my father...have you forgotten it was you who used genjutsu on the second Mizukage to kill my sensei...have you forgotten it was you.....
Madara: !...
Onoki: Who will die here today.
All 4 onoki's: Extreme aggravated rock technique!
Madara Urgh....too much weight...
4 Onoki's Now, let's end this.
They form hand seals.
4 Onoki's: Particle Style!
Madara: I can't absorb it...weight holding body down....dammit..I played around too much...
Tsunade: Wait..the real Onoki is in there right?
Raikage: Oh no...Tsuchikage! Don't do it!
The real Onoki: Tell me Madara...
Madara: !?
Onoki: Do you feel safe?

Onoki's Final blast.
Chapter end.



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