Naruto 594 Prediction: TRUE POWER

Naruto 594 Prediction: TRUE POWER
side text: the juubi is preparing to strike !
naruto: BIJUU MODE
naruto enter complete bijuu mode and suck kakashi guy the three divisions captains and konoha 11 into his chakra shroud then uses his tails as a shield
bee do the same
THE JUUBI LAUNCH HIS bijuu ball and destroy the entire map ( a country) making a giant explosion that makes BM naruto's bijuudama looks like nothing
with that hit the ten tails kill the entire army with the expection of bee who is half dead, naruto who used all the power of his BM and the ones that naruto protected
tobi: that was nothing i'll show the true power of my juubi, FEAR me and fear the strength of the ten tails !
(scene switch to madara and the five kages )
oonoki: what was that ?
madara: it's the juubi's power !
tsunade: what ? the masked man succeded in his plan ? ... that does mean ... NARUTO IS IN TROUBLES
madara: i have to leave to know ...
oonoki: not do fast uchiha madara, naruto promised us to win his battle so we should trust him and we should keep our promise and defeat madara
A: yeah i'm not afraid of that uchiha freak
gaara: we will protect naruto and kyuubi from you
mei: this may be madness but ... i will fight with the other kages
madara: guess i have no choice
( scene switch to sasuke )
suigetsu: and orochimaru is the one who knows everything ?
sasuke: no but i need his help
juugo: and how will you summon him ?
sasuke: juugo get out of the way
sasuke use ameterasu on anko
suigetsu: hey hey you will kill her !
sasuke: she is a part of konoha so i don't care if she dies
ameterasu start burnin anko and it almost touched the cursed seal then orochimaru come out of her body



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