Naruto 594 Prediction: Rikudo Sennin

Naruto 594 Prediction: Rikudo Sennin

Suigetsu- (Dammit Sasuke, now Orochimaru can hurt us more for talking shit about him!!!)

Orochimaru- Sasuke let's go "there".

(In Izanami)

Kabuto- Why is my body changing? (Looks normal)

Itachi- It seems in the outer world, someone has taken your chakra.

Sasuke- !?

Kabuto- (Looks at himself in the puddle) I'm... Kabuto Yakushi of the orphanage... (Breaks free from Izanami)

Orochimaru- ...So you broke free of Izanami. You've found yourself. Now go back to the orphanage.

Kabuto- ...

(Scene switches)

Naruto- What the hell is that!?

Juubi- Naruto Uzumaki right!? Hahahah! I can see Rikudo Sennin inside of your pathetic body, brat!

Tobi- Juubi, obey me! Destroy them all!

Juubi- You masked freak, don't ever order me around. I'm not interested in fighting these fools. I'll put this world under Infinite Tsukuyomi myself, then make you all face tearful genjutsu!

Tobi- (Damn!! This is bad!)

Kakashi- This is bad!

(In Naruto's mind)

Kurama- Ahh.. Rikudo Sennin, you're here.. (smiles)

Naruto- !?

(An old man with white hair and no eyes walks to them)

Rikudo Sennin- Let me introduce myself.. my name is Naruto.

Naruto- We.. we have the same name!?

Rikudo Sennin- Yes. Jiraiya gave you my name by coincidence, child.

Naruto- Where're your eyes??

Rikudo Sennin- When I sealed the Juubi into the Heavens, I sealed away my eyes too so that my elder son cannot take them after I die.

Naruto- I.. I see...

Rikudo Sennin- But I can still see since I am just a chakra. Naruto you need to get ready to defeat the Juubi!

(In the real world)

Juubi- Let me use my jutsu to play with you mortals! Kage Tensei!!

(A coffin with Rinnegan on it comes up from the ground)

Tobi- Oh no!

Kakashi- !?!?

Guy- Shit...

(Inside Naruto)

Rikudo Sennin- Damn! He is resurrecting my body!

Naruto- !?

Rikudo Sennin- Kage Tensei is the Juubi's jutsu that lets it revive anyone sealed or dead, and give them an evil soul from Hell!

Kurama- This is bad!

(In the real world)

(A young man with white hair, Rinnegan eyes with Sage mode around the eyes, a battle suit like Madara's with a cape under it comes out of the coffin)

Rikudo Sennin- Juubi, I've been waiting to kill these bitches all of the time when I was in Hell. Thanks for giving me my father's body.

Juubi- Play with them until they die.

Naruto- NO!!!! (Bijuu Mode)

Rikudo Sennin- (Smiles) Heh.. this boy is weak. Weaker than you, insect Juubi.

Juubi- Even if you are Rikudo's son. Did you really want Peace?

Rikudo Sennin- Of course not. I killed my brother to prevent his lovey dovey moments with other people.

(Scene switches)

Konohamaru- I'll enter this war to help Naruto!

(Konohamaru is standing behind the Juubi)

(Rikudo Sennin looks back and smiles evilly)

The end




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