Naruto 594 Prediction: THE PROMISED TIME!!

SASUKE : Where are we going?

OROCHIMARU : a place that you know very well.


OROCHIMARU : Well then,lets go!

(Sunlight falls in the cave brightly while Sasuke and Orochimaru watches in the sky ready to move)

(Orochimaru looks at Kabuto for a moment and then jumps out of the cave)

(Sasuke, Suigetsu and Juugo then follows him)

(On their way)

SASUKE : (The place I know very well....).Are you heading towards Konoha?


OROCHIMARU : Well...yes,because the answers you want to find out to decide your destiny will be obtained within the village.

SASUKE : But how can we obtain it now.....

OROCHIMARU : The secrets still lies there....

SASUKE : how?

OROCHIMARU : Because....(looks at Sasuke)...only the leader and some elder members of the Uchiha clan knew about it.

SASUKE : Leader of the clan!!(Father......)....what is it?

OROCHIMARU : Don't get hard on me...but you'll get those answers when we reach there!!

SASUKE : !!! (And increases his speed to reach Konoha)

SUIGETSU : Hey Sasuke, don't get mad, stay cool.

(Sasuke looks at Suigetsu with an angry look)

SUIGETSU : (Scared).D..Do ...Do as your wish...

OROCHIMARU : (My...My...he's much eager than before to get his answers....But What will happen when he will knew the truth?)

(Scene switch to TOBI vs NARUTO)

TOBI : Here comes the promised time....(keeps his last handsign intact)......UNLEASH JUUBI!!!

NARUTO : ?!!!

BEE : ?!!!

KAKASHI & GAI : ?!!!

(Gedo Mazo screams aloud unleashing huge blows of wind.Even Tobi hardly able to stand around the statue.)

(The white band around Gedo's eyes gets removed.The black dots inside the nine eyes starts shaking violently and after some time they stops shaking.)

GEDO : Grrrrrrrr.........(Slowly moves his head here and there and the nine eyes gets closed and disappears)


(Suddenly one big center eye opens.As it opens up, sweat with fear travels down through Kakashi's and Gai's face)

(Scene switch to Shinobi's running towards Naruto's battlefield)

EVERYONE : What's that feeling? Such....dense chakra...We must hurry...

(Scene switch to TOBI vs NARUTO)

(Gedo Mazo's eye transforms into a three (tomoe)d Sharingan and then as the tomoe swirls around the central dot it transforms into Rinnegan)

NARUTO : (Senses chakra of Shinobis approaching the field)Damn....why are they heading here now? Its ....too dangerous here.(Several Shinobis comes out of the woods an lands on the Battlefield surrounding Gedo Mazo)

EVERYONE : ....that monster?(Shocked faces)

(At the same time Tobi who is still holding his handsign gets phased into the ground and orders Gedo Mazo to attack)


(Gedo Mazo attacks with SHINRA TENSEI forming a huge transparent wave with Gedo as the centre and advancing towards the Shinobis also increasing the damage factor)

(In Slow Motion)
(Shinobis are shown thrown away and a huge crate is formed same as during pain's attack but three times wide)

(A red chakra cloak starts boiling around Gedo Mazo's entire body and forming eight chakra tails)

(Many shinobis are shown dead on the field. Blood is shown spread on some rocks.)

(Some Leaf Shinobis with whom Naruto is familiar with are shown dead on the ground and some tears are shown in his eyes)

(After some time,Naruto is shown struggling hard to stand on his feet.)

Last Panel is shown with Sasuke heading towards Konoha and Naruto holding his legs for support to stand.



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