Naruto 594 Prediction: The juubi's revival.

Naruto 594 Prediction: The juubi's revival.
*Orochimaru, and hawk head towards Konoha for the truth while madara is about to finish his battle with the kages and Tobi is reviving the juubi*

Kakashi: "This is bad.... this feeling, its coming".

Naruto as he thinks about his father and mother: "So this is it huh... I will not fail you guys".

Tobi yells: "Awaken tentails... u are reborn".

*the gedo mazo statue starts to grown tails on its back... the blind fold with 9 eyes falls off to reveal one huge eye with a RG+SG pattern in it*

The kyuubi inside naruto: "Its happening... I never though I would live to see my true form on the outside looking in. Still, its power is growing and soon will surpass even me... this is bad... without my other half I do not stand a chance against this beast".

*The juubi lets out a loud yell as it erupts with pure energy sending everyone flying back half a mile*

KakashiL id you feel that, this is bad... we do not stand a chance... we must retreat, now".

Naruto: "retreat if you want sensei... but I have to stay and fight this thing to the end".

Kakashi: "Are you crazy naruto... you do not stand a chance against this thing... we need to retreat and come up with a new strategy to combat this thing".

*naruto doesn;t listen and charges straight at the juubi... meanwhile KB is having a flash back, remembering his promies to Iruka to protect naruto*

KB and hachibi: "There is no helping it.... time to role, ya fool".

*KB staps in front of naruto and attack with a bijuudama... however, after the blast clears the juubi is unscathed and draws in hachibi-KB with banshou tenin, catching it by the thraot then slamming it down into the ground*

Kakashi thinking: "this is bad... the juubi can use pains abilities as well... and with the SG as well, it is likely it can perform genjutsu too".

Naruto: "KB, no.....".

Kyuubi: "Wait naruto! We can't save him... The juubi wil capture you too and then your finished along with the world".

Naruto: "We have to try... lend me your power and we can do it together".

Tobi: "Ha, that was too easy... to think the hachibi would be so simple to capture".

*Naruto erupts and creates a bijuudama with the last of his kyuubi chakra and fires it... but, the juubi absorbs the energy*

Tobi: "hahah, where is your cocky attitude now boy...!?!"

KB-hachibi: "Its OK naruto... you have to escape for now... this is what I choose.... You are a fly shinobi with a good heart... live up to your potential and take this fool down.".

*Naruto drops to his knees... the juubi's hand lights up with chakra*

Tobi: "Do it.."

Naruto: "No!!!"

*the juubi snatches the hachibi from KB using Human realms ability then absornbs it... leaving KB back in human form, unconscious.*

Tobi: "One down, one to go."

Kakashi thinking: "I have no choice... for you master".

Kakashi: "You know what we have to do, don't you Gai".

Gai: "Yea... we have to create a diversion so naruto can escape.".

Kakashi: "Naruto... You have to escape now while me and Gai hold them off. I am proud of everything you have accomplished... You saved me after I died against pain... now its time to return the favor.. Take this scroll key and shiki formula and kunai".

Naruto: "What is it?"

Kakashi: "it belonged to your father minato... its the kunai and shiki formula for his Flying thunder god jutsu... use this seal key to unlock the rest of the scroll your father left for you and master his final jutsu... its the only hope you have to win this".

Naruto: But I.... I...".

*Naruto realizing what he has to do take one last look at his teachers...*

Naruto: "I will master the FTG and that jutsu then retunr and defeat him... I swear it".

*Naruto splits into ten clones and all run off into separate directions to escape*.

Tobi: "Oh no you don't... juubi...".

*the juubi fires a chakra blast from its spikes towads naruto's clones... however, the blast is stopped by Gai's noon tiger palm blast...*

Kakashi: "Well its time to show the next generation we still have the power to save them".

Gai: "I have waitied for this day for a long time kakashi... lets see who can last the longest... its our final competition as rivals".

Kakashi: "Ha, I actually agree Gai... AS your rival, lets who who can slow down this beast and last the longest".

*Gai unlockes the 8th gate of death... while kakashi weaves hand signs and summons the reaper death seal..*

Gai: "Midnight dragon blast will be huge kakashi... try not to die before you get a chance to seal the juubi or tobi's soul".

Kakashi: "Don't worry about me... I have a plan after all...".

*the death god reaches into kakashi activating the jutsu completely.... Gai realizes this is truly the end as he sees kakashi's soul show up in the reapers hands*

Gai: "For naruto".

Kakashi: "For Konoha and the nija world".

Gai and kakashi: "The Konoha's green beast and copy ninja will show you a the power of a lifetime rivalry....".



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