Naruto 594 Prediction 2

Naruto 594 Prediction 2- Juubi
*Sasuke and Orochimaru head towards the old Uchiha shrine. The rest of Taka waits in the cave*

Bee: Everyone get back.....

*The very shock wave sends everyone flying several yards back*

Kyuubi: Its happening..
Hachibi: ......

* A chakra cloak starts to surround the body of the Gedo Mazo statue and 10 tails appear. In the centre, a huge eye opens with the characteristic rinnegan pattern with sharingan eyes.*

Tobi: Its obviously weaker than i would have wanted it to but no worries. Its enough to take down you flies.
Naruto: Don't get so cocky bastard. ( he starts running towards the jyuubi with his incredible speed and hurls a TBB towards it).

*To everyone's awe, the Jyuubi used Shinra Tensei!!!*

Tobi: Hahahhaha... as if that thing could harm it.
Guy: What's going on here how did it deflect that attack??
Kakashi: Looks like it can use all the techniques associated with the rinnegan. But, it still has the sharingan so that poses another threat.
Hachibi: Bee, looks like we have to join the battle.
Bee: Hmm... I already promised that guy *talks about Iruka* I wouldn't let anything happen to Naruto. So lets take out that fool!!

*Bee(in Hachibi mode) fires a fully powered TBB at the Jyuubi but this time it used Blocking Technique Absorption Seal!!*

Hachibi: That won't work, we have to do close combat.

*He rushes towards the Jyuubi and lands the first blow. With the eight tails, Bee picks up the ten tails and hurls it several kilometres back*

Naruto: Kurama now its our turn.
Bee: Wait Naruto, fighting against such a powerful foe at this level is futile. We shall hold off this monster and give you guys time to escape.
Naruto: But...
Jyuubi: Roarrrr
Beei: Its coming, get back everyone.

Suddenly Bee feels that something is pulling it towards the ten tails.

Tobi: So, this is the strength of the Jyuubi's Universal Pull.

The Hachibi's body flies near the Jyuubi and is caught by the tails of the Ten tailed beast. To everyone's surprise, it starts extracting the chakra and in a short amount of time absorbed the Hachibi. Bee returns to his human self and falls on the ground, dead.

During his last few moments he looks back and thinks of the past and laments about his cousin, thinks of the joy he has had with A and his subordinates and thinks about how Naruto will bring peace and one day become Hokage.
Bee: I am sorry Hachibi, big brother.... but my time is up. I leave all my hopes to that fool...



Naruto 594 spoilers [Predictions & Discussions]

Naruto 594 Prediction: The juubi's revival.


Tobi - juubi






























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