Tobi *is looking at Naruto with hands 2gether, " my face, you still want to see my face? Why does it even natter now, i am about to win."

Naruto, "You? I thought it was you and Akataski or you and the real Madara. Your no one, how can no one win?"

Switches to Kages.

Madara, " you fought very well, for your abilities. I am going to get kyubi now, it is rightfully mine. This war is not my focus."

Tsunade, { not his focus? The Kyubi, rightfully his? He doesn't plan this at all! The masked Madara is working on his own schemes! Well now.} "The other Madara is attempting to seal *it and the 8 tails, you know your moon's eye plan? Bring back the ten tails?"

Madara looks confused, "ten tails?"

Raikage, " you didn't know?"

Gaara looks and notices something.

Oonki, " we know Kazekage."

Raikage," now!"

Suddenly, a huge meteor is coming down on top of them.

Oonki slams his hands down, ( last bit) , " golem hands!"

Huge stone hands emerge moving at high speeds.

Gaara, Tsunade, and Mei *look shocked.

The meteor crashes.

We see darkness, then eyes. The eyes of Sasuke EMS.

We see hawk minus Karin gathered around Sasuke with his hand on Ankos neck.

Back to the darkness.

We see a lying Orochimaru as if sleep.

Sasuke, "wake up snake."

Orochimaru( visibly weak), "hmmm? Is that a bit of chakra i feel, and anger? My my, you are not dear Anko. Who are you, boy? Those eyes, Uchiha?"

Sasuke, " tell me, why the Uchiha were never trusted by the Senju, by Konoha?"

Orochimaru, "you look a bit like that uchiha child, Itachi. Anyway, trust? The Senju trusted the Uchiha a great deal, konoha had no ill will towards them. For an Uchiha you know Little of your clan and the village."

Sasuke, " what do you mean?"

"The 2nd Hokage made them the protectors of the village. The Konoha Police force was very respected. The leaders of the Uchiha have had a history of wanting more. Madara Uchiha, but this*Fugaku, he seems to show signs of ambition as well. To make his clan stronger and better than before, he often has his police force out on drills and extensive training. Very dedicated to training that one, only time will tell."

Sasuke, {this part of him is from before the Massacre. Trusted by the Hokage and the village?} "Danzo."

Orochimaru starts laughing, " he detests the Uchiha, he would rather they all burn. If he can find a way to harness there power he would gladly kill them all. I on the other hand just want to have those eyes, to learn all the jutsu in the world!" he leaps towards Sasuke.

Sasuke sets him on fire with Amaterasu.*

We see Sasuke removing his hand from Anko an the seal disappearing.*

Hawk is looking at him silently.

"Danzo. He used my brothers love for the village against him, and Shisui Uchiha. There was no coup, my brother was tricked."

His eyes SG signs start to spin.

"you wanted to stop Edo Tensei and Madara Uchiha, you did part of it, now brother, I will do the other half..."

We see *Madara walking away from the rubble.

Sasuke voice, "I will stop Madara Uchiha, the one who scared the Uchiha name!"

As Madara disappears into the sunset.

We see Gaara, Tsunade and Mei yards away buried under stone hands. There are ninja uncovering them from the loosened stone.

As we see Tsunade's face it has tear, " dammit, old man and you crazy hot head."


Shows Raikage grabbing Mei and Tsunade throwing them up *into the stone hands that came from the ground. *Back over with Oonki he puts his right hand on his left shoulder. He looks up at the Meteor just in time for impact.

Naruto 594 Prediction - "End of a Partner Ship"


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