(Sasuke prepares to meet Orochimaru.)

Suigetsu: “Where is he and how are you going to find him!?”

Sasuke: “Now that Itachi is gone, I am perhaps the only person who knows how to get to where Orochimaru is. You can watch over Anko and Kabuto if you want.”

Suigetsu : “I just don’t understand, we go through all of the trouble to find that scroll in Orochimaru’s secret base so we could live like kings, and all he’s worried ‘bout is-.” (Juugo places his palm on Suigetsu’s shoulder to calm him.)

Juugo: “Sasuke must have a good reason.” (Suigetsu shrugs Juugo’s arm off of him.)

Suigetsu: “Yeah, yeah whatever.”

(Sasuke exits through the hole in the ceiling. He lands on top of the cave, takes a few steps forward onto solid ground and activates his PMS. The scene switches over to Naruto vs. Tobi. The statue’s skin starts to crack, Kakashi appeals to Naruto’s better judgement.)

Kakashi: “Naruto, don’t let him complete whatever he’s attempting. The chakra I’m witnessing from that monster is horrendous! ” (Naruto nods.)

Naruto: “Got it! (Naruto speeds off towards Tobi. Tobi leaps up and backwards with his handseal still in place.)

No, you’re not getting away!” (Naruto gives chase and outreaches with his right arm as he extends a long chakra arm to strike Tobi.)

Tobi (in thought): “It’s taking much longer than I thought, must’ve exhausted a bit too much chakra in our battle. I’ll have to briefly pause my jutsu.”

(Naruto’s chakra arm goes through Tobi’s body. Naruto, knowing his attack failed, pulls it out. Tobi lands on top of the statue followed by Naruto. Meanwhile, Kakashi stealthily approaches the urn Tobi summoned. Overlooking the area from a cliff stands Madara. As Kakashi prepares to slash the urn with Raikiri, his wrist is in someone’s grasp. Seconds later, he is flipped on his back. A boot then appears on Kakashi’s chest.)

Kakashi: “You-, you’re!”

(Meanwhile, the news shakes everyone on the field.)

Killer Bee: “Who dat be!?”

Hachibi: “That’s Madara, you fool! I could never forget such a presence!”

Gai: “It’s just like in the history books!” (Tobi and Naruto look down to spot the new arrival. Veins run across Tobi’s eyes.)

Tobi: “He’s here!”

Naruto: “Damn it all!”

Kyuubi (in Naruto’s head): “Ready for round 2, Naruto!”

Naruto (in his head): “Can we do it, can we pull it off. If we can, I’m all for it, Kurama.”

(Madara looks up to spot Naruto and Tobi.)

Madara: “Good, it seems all of the pieces are in place. The Kyuubi, the Bijuu, the shell that houses the Juubi and you, especially (Tobi and Madara lock eyes), I should have known you’d be behind this-“

(The scene switches over before Tobi’s name is uttered. Sasuke is now in a world of purple and violet haze. The world appears like a dream sequence. Sasuke continues walking until he hears a familiar laughter.)

Familiar voice: “Ku, ku, ku, ku. We’ve got a live one here; I can feel it in the air. Which Uchiha brother are you?” (The haze is so thick that Sasuke has to keep proceeding forward before he can see clearly.)

Sasuke: “I have something to ask of you.”

Familiar voice: “Ahh, so it is Sasuke kun. I take it Itachi’s been killed and with that, you’ve obtained his power that decided who gets sent here, I never did like his type. So, come to gloat, boy? Not that it matters here. In the Realm of Dreams, I now rule all souls lost to the Sword of Totsuka. Address me properly or be gone, ku, ku, ku.”

(The fog clears a little and Orochimaru can be seen in a white robe prompted up in chair amongst a throne.)

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