NARUTO 593 PREDICTION - The Conversation

NARUTO 593 PREDICTION - The Conversation

Sasuke: The clan.. The village... I'm going to see the one who knows everything.

Suigetsu: Clan? Village? Just what the hell are you talking about?

Sasuke: Juugo bring that woman over to me for a moment.

Juugo: What are you going to...

Sasuke activates his PMS

Sasuke: I wasn't asking, just bring her over here now!

Juugo thinking: He's serious...

Suigetsu thinking: Would Sasuke really go that far?!

Juugo walks up to Sasuke & places Anko on the ground

Sasuke: Thank you. I'm going to enter this woman's mind to draw out Orochimaru. Make sure I'm not disturbed am I understood?

Juugo: Understood

Sasuke lays on top of Anko placing one hand on top of her forehead with the other making a hand sign in front of his face.

Sasuke thinking: Tsukuyomi!

Sasuke is seen standing around an empty space within a dense fog when suddenly a shadowy figure approaches from behind. The shadowy figure attacks Sasuke from behind with snakes however Sasuke activates Susanoo to block the attack. Sasuke then turns around & grabs the figures neck revealing it to be Anko

Anko: Suu.. Susake!

Sasuke releases Anko & she falls to her knees

Sasuke: Sorry you're not the one I'm looking for.

Anko: W-whats going on? Where am I & why are you here? What happened to Kabuto?

Sasuke: We're in your minds eye, call it a kind of dream state if you will. I don't have time to explain everything however Kabuto has been "dealt with".

Anko: Dealt with? As in you killed him? But why I thought you two were allies?

Sasuke: Well Kabuto isn't exactly dead but he's no longer a concern for anyone. Anyway Anko where is it hiding?

Anko: What do you mean it?

Sasuke: So she hasn't noticed...

Anko: Noticed what?!

Sasuke closes his eyes with a hand-sign up. Sasuke then quickly opens his eyes.

Sasuke: There!

Sasuke thrust his hand into Anko's chest as she looks on in shock. Sasuke pulls out a tiny white snake. Anko regains her composer & looks up at the snake in horror.

Anko: That bastard... had that thing inside of me this whole time! What exactly are you going to do with it?

Sasuke: I'm going to call him.

Anko: No Sasuke you can't!

Suddenly Anko tries to kill the snake but Sasuke activates a Susanoo arm to keep her pinned to the floor. Sasuke closes his eyes again & when he reopens them he re-appears inside of a gigantic library.

Sasuke thinking: The amount of books here seems endless... Hehehe I guess it would be fitting for a seeker of all knowledge.

???: Kukuku... So much knowledge so much knowledge & it's all mine! The reason for being, the great explosion, the beginning of all things, the birth of humanity, the existence of extraterrestrial life, the ending of time itself it's all here & it's mine!!!

Sasuke: I see you haven't changed much interesting look you have there Orochimaru.

Orochimaru: Sasuke kun! But how can you be here? Did you somehow drag me into my mind in an attempt to retake your body kukuku?

Orochimaru steps out of the shadows revealing himself to have the appearance of Sasuke.

Sasuke: So this is your greatest desire huhuhu...

Orochimaru: Greatest desire?! What are you babbling about? I guess I'll need to readjust your seal to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Sasuke suddenly burst out into laughter

Orochimaru: What is so god damn funny Sasuke-kun?

Sasuke: So you the "great" Orochimaru really couldn't figure it out?

Orochimaru: What is there to figure out I know everything!

Sasuke: huhu everything you say? Then tell me this "Mr. Know it All" how is it that you haven't realized that this gigantic library isn't even real!!!

Orochimaru looks around with a dumbfounded expression as the books & shelves start to warp & slightly change shape. Orochimaru holds his head down with both arms covering his face.

Sasuke: Think Orochimaru what is the last thing you remember?

Orochimaru: You... you were fighting with Itachi & lost control... I then took over your body and swallowed Itachi...

Sasuke: That's not what happened.

Orochimaru: Ye-es... an.nnd then I found this library an-nnd...

Sasuke: & how did you find this library..

Orochimaru: It was... you know... that... place... I... I... don't remember... I don't understand... How can I not remember when I know everything? It... it just doesn't make sense! It's illogical! How can I know everything but not understand anything at all!

Suddenly the library shatters like broken glass. Orochimaru opens his eyes to see a giant Sasuke holding him by the neck. Orochimaru realizes that he's in the form of a tiny snake.

Orochimaru: (squeaky voice) What the hell is going on! Why are you so damn huge!

Anko: Sasuke... you can't set him free...

Orochimaru: Anko... so we're in your minds eye!

Anko: Damn you... Orochimaru...

Orochimaru: Wait... I remember now... Itachi trapped me in an eternal genjutsu using Totsuka. But then why? Sasuke must have used the chakra I left in Anko as a medium to release me from that realm.

Sasuke: So you finally caught on? Good now you can start talking.

Orochimaru: What exactly do you want to know?

Susuke: What was your involvement with the death of my clan?

Orochimaru: What are you talking about everyone knows Itachi killed aah!!

Sasuke squeezes Orochimaru tighter as a full Susanoo aura surrounds him.

Sasuke: Stop acting dumb you know full well what I'm talking about! Where you involved?!

Orochimaru: So... you know the truth then... I take it Danzou is...

Sasuke: Yes Danzou's dead.

Orochimaru: Kukuku he was always an annoying old fart set in his ways. But Sasuke try to understand I had no reason to want your clan dead. Especially since I coveted the Uchiha bloodline so much. It would have been counter productive of me to kill off potential vessels.

Sasuke: Fair enough, tell me what you know about the "Masked Man" pretending to be "Uchiha Madara".

Orochimaru: Kukuku pretending you say. So you know that much?!

Sasuke: It's kind of hard not to know considering Kabuto summoned the real Madara using Edo Tensai.

Orochimaru: Kukuku! Kabuto-chan is still alive & well. & he's even learned to control Edo Tensai. How astonishing! Maybe I overlooked him as a candidate to become my vessel.

Sasuke: He was nothing more than your copy in the end. Though I'd have to say he did surpass you. He even mastered the arts of what he called "Dragon Sage Mode". But enough about that tell me about the "Masked Man".

Orochimaru: & What do I get in return for this information?

Sasuke: Hrrmm... I won't kill you?

Orochimaru: Kukuku please boy you'd have to do better than that!

Sasuke: Ok how about... I'll allow you to take over this woman's body so you can have your freedom?

Anko: Sasuke you can't!

Sasuke pressed down harder on Anko with Susanoo's arm

Orochimaru: My freedom for information? & How do I know you won't kill me once you have the information?

Sasuke glares at Orochimaru with his PMS creating a small flicker of amaterasu on him & quickly shuts it off.

Sasuke: Because you are no longer a threat to me. Besides I do kind of owe you one I guess.

Orochimaru (nervous look): kukuku. Fair enough you've got a deal. But in order fully explain the "Masked Man" I will have to start at the beginning...

To be Continued
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