NARUTO 592 Prediction - The New Student

NARUTO 592 Prediction - The New Student

Madara standing before them fee of Edo Tensei control.

Tsunade, “I have chakra back thanks to Dan, but the others are done it seems, they have given there all. That attack I blocked would have killed them, even Raikage has slowed down.”

Tsuchikage, “we are not giving up!”

Madara looks at him directly, “You don’t have to.”

Suddenly a root has impaled Tsuchikage before anyone can react.

Raikage, “Oonki!”

Madara wood clone suddenly appears in front of Raikage and also one grabs Mizukage, another for Gaara but his sand prevents it and takes him out of reach.

The wood clone in front of Raikage uses Genjutsu on him.

We see Raikage in another world, he is surrounded by enemy ninja. He seems to be moving to slow to evade them.

Raikage, “dammit, a Genjutsu, a damn Genjutsu….”

Madara inside the Genjutsu, “seems your partner is no longer available to save you form my EMS, good bye Raikage.”

Tsunade is rushing to save Raikage, but is stopped by a sand wall.

Mei, “get your hands off of me!”

Madara, “your are in no position to give demands, Mizukage. You are nothing like the 1st and 2nd Mizukage, they were smart enough to know when to kneel.”

Tsunade is lifted by a sand cloud, “Gaara? What are you doing?! Raikage can’t last in that Genjutsu much longer.”

Gaara, “I know, I am sorry. If we take the bait to save the others we will share the Tsuchikage and their fate as well.”

Tsunade, “if you are scared to die that is your business, I’m going!”

Gaara, “I know you are strong enough to break free if I tried to stop you but think about it, if we the Kages die here, then what will that do to the moral of the army. Who will warn them of Madara’s power. We have fought him we are familiar with him, we will be the only ones alive that can help with a plan to defeat him.”

Tsunade lowers her head, {flash back: Dan, “don’t join me for a while yet.”} “okay, go.”

Raikage is seen being attacked by countless ninja, the last one is Sasuke taking a swing then it goes to reality and Raikage collapses, “Darui.”

Mei is still struggling when she looks up to see Tsunade and Gaara leaving, { I see.} “lava release: magma embrace!”

Suddenly her body turns to flowing magma, burning the clone and destroying it. There are two more clones.

Mei, “no! you will not touch me! You will not take me!”

She sends out waves of lava form her body filling the area. Madara is looking at this from a higher point.

She looks up, “I am done, under my own regards.”

She does hand signs, {last bit of chakra gone, I was planning on saving the day with that, be the Kage that saved the day. Damn I’m selfish. You will be a better one than me.” “Hidden Mist secret technique: grand selection jutsu!”

From inside her a small light flickers then exits her body, she looks at it as she falls, then smiles as she closes her eyes for eternal sleep.

The light shoots into the sky out of sight.

Madara, “water style: dragon rages!”

Huge water dragon super cools the lava and Madara comes down. How walks over to Tsuchikage hanging barely above form the tree root that impaled him.

Madara, “young boy to old man, now what to do, I hope you made arrangements for the next Tsuchikage, but seeing as how you are the 3rd and the Kages were in there 4th and 5th generations, I doubt it. Let me guess, no one was good enough, well the jutsu your master passed to you and experience he shared with you is what kept this Kage team alive along with that Senju woman. There is no more after you, so what will save your ninjas form me now?”

Tsuchikage glances at him, “Naruto…”

Madara comes in closer, “Hmmm?”

Tsuchikage, “Naruto….Uzumaki!”

The shout Echoes the now Canyon of Kage battle.

Madara looks around then back at Tsuchikage whom is now dead.

We go to Naruto in RS mode, “Old Grandpa Tsuchikage, and Grandpa Raikage?} he glances at Bee with a sad expression, then straitens his face and balls his fist.

Madara Uchiha!”

Tobi looks at Naruto, “what?”

Naruto, “not you, the real Madara Uchiha! He is the real threat here, your just some idiot in a mask trying to be more than what he is! I am going to stop Madara Uchiha, when I am done with you!”

Suddenly he goes RS Fox mode.

A huge rasengan comes colliding into Tobi and the statue, creating a huge dust cloud an debris flying.

Now we see Sasuke.

Sasuke, “…glad to hear you say that brother. Cause I am still destroying Konoha.”

We see a female figure in shadows leaving the cave, Sasuke notices but does nothing.

Kabuto is standing still under the Genjutsu. Sasuke approaches him.

A voice from behind, “I see, are you the one that put him under that jutsu?”

Sasuke turns to see Madara standing there.

Madara, no you still have both eyes, I followed the chakra link we had before I severed the contract. You are an Uchiha obviously so I will trust your memories.”

Sasuke, “my memories?”

Suddenly he is bombarded by a jutsu to his mind it goes through every single memory he has ever had, sees every experience and thing he has ever heard. It stops.”

Madara, “last of the Uchiha, well then I have no choice, you already have EMS tht is good, you will be my student..”

Sasuke, “student, I don’t know who you are but I am no one’s student anymore.”

Madara, “reminds me of myself, the only way to get my respect was to defeat me, well so be it. Afterwards you will be my student, then my successor. The Uchiha clan, no the Uchiha power will be restored.”

Sasuke, “Madara.”

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