NARUTO 592 Prediction - For the better

NARUTO 592 Prediction - For the better

Madara wastes no time!
Madara: I'm ending this game, this has lasted long enough.
Tsunade: *My chakras are restored...but whatever I do it won't matter now...I can't use that jutsu...the 3rd entrusted it to the next Hokage but...if I do...I won't be able to see Dan.*
Raikage: Tsunade Move!
Tsunade: !?
Madara goes for the stab
Raikage blocks it
Madara: Why do you keep fighting? You cannot win, just roll over and die, I'll make it painless.
Onoki: We will never quit.
Mizukage: We are the 5 kages
Gaara: And we will win.
Madara: ....*evil glare* even after all I've still underestimate me?
Tsunade: !
Madara jumps on top of the meteor.
Raikage: What's he doing?
Madara: I will crush you all, and leave no memories of your battle here.
Madara drops a enourmous meteor on them.
Onoki: T-that's...
Tsunade: What.....impossible...
Madara: Amaterasu!
Madara engulfs the Metero with flames.
Madara: Now, you won't be able to change the weight. Vanish, 5 kages.

Scene changes
Sasuke: !?
Sasuke: What is this? An earthquake?
Sasuke exits the cave
Sasuke :!? What the hell is that? *Sees the meteor*
Suigetsu: holy shit balls it's sasuke!
Juugo: The birds were right.
Sasuke: Suigetsu, Juugo...what's going on down there.
Suigetsu: Beats me, a war's going on.
Sasuke: I'm going there, you can come if you like.
Juugo: ? *see's Kabuto in the cave*
Juugo: !??? It's Orochimaru!
Suigetsu: What?!
Sasuke: That's Kabuto, he's in a genjutsu. Feel free to kill him.
Suigetsu: Wait, Sasuke, before you go. I found something in Orochimaru's lair that you might want to see.
Suigetsu pulls out a scroll
Sasuke opens it
Sasuke :!! What way....
Suigetsu: Crazy huh...
Sasuke quickly looks at Kabuto
Kabuto is missing
Sasuke: !? can't be....
Kabuto appears behind all 3 of them with Itachi's Sharingan.
Kabuto: It worked, I'll take your eyes next, and then Naruto's body. Together, I will become the great Sage.
Chapter End.

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