Dashing towards the End of the World

Click image for larger view

Black★Rock Shooter striding forward with her ★Rock Cannon.

Last weekend there was an annual Dollism Plus event in Hong Kong which takes place in KITEC, and I took my doll along with her big gun to the event for display. Along with local doll hobbyists and photographers, I also met up with those from overseas (Alvin, Alphond, & Furry Nekomimi). Seeing my doll and the ★Rock Cannon, they want to do an outdoor shot of her in a dynamic pose. It occurred a little late at night, so it was a little rushed. Nevertheless we set up the pose (with 3 stands in total!) and took the picture before we called it a night.

Big thanks to Alvin aka A Tah Koo for the photo and the editing! I gotta say that my passion and skills are not as determined as his to pull off something like this, especially in a short amount of time!

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