Sasuke Uchiha

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Meeting with ItachiSasuke Naruto increasingly aware of the development of such a rapid and surprised by the arrival of Itachi, his older brother to Konoha. Itachi real goal is to bring Naruto into the Akatsuki. Sasuke is helpless in front of Itachi then fainted Tsukuyomi given to him. Itachi Uchiha then disappeared with his partner, Kisame Hoshigaki.Itachi said that the aim is not Sasuke, but Naruto. This is an impression in the memory of Sasuke. What on earth the body of Naruto Naruto makes it even more special? This makes it even more hate Naruto.
Betrayal of KonohaSasuke to become strong desire to make him decide to go to Orochimaru who promised him power, but he was also a bit surprised that Naruto becomes much more powerful than himself, he did not want to admit that its strength is exceeded those he considered fools. Sasuke's desire for revenge against Itachi is also getting stronger.Sasuke is currently being treated in hospital of his injuries. Naruto is back from town after Tanzaku with Jiraiya to find Tsunade, immediately challenged him to fight, and accepted by Naruto. Regardless of the Sakura is trying to stop him with words, he takes Naruto to move into the top floor of the hospital.There he fought bitterly with Naruto and seems balanced. Until eventually Sasuke Chidori preparing to attack Naruto, and Naruto who saw it also prepared to respond Rasengan. When the two would be mutually hamtam ninja, Kakashi suddenly appeared and threw them masing2 in the opposite direction, and attacks both on the water tank. Sasuke looked satisfied from the effects of the attack, which destroyed the water tank was badly damaged, with water pouring from the attacks. He compared the effects with Naruto attacks make little holes. But was surprised when he saw the back of the tank water is severely damaged by the attacks Naruto and once again, he felt weak and he lost to Naruto.Kakashi and Sasuke advised that he was not alone. When Sasuke is contemplated that all of Orochimaru's men came to the Oto no Yoninshuu (Sakon, Tayuya, Jiroubou, and Kidoumaru), affecting the return Sasuke to remember the ultimate goal.Sasuke decides to go to Orochimaru, though on the way, he met with Sakura that hinder his intention. Cried even offered to come help get revenge, so at least they can be together. Sakura also expressed his love. Before making Sakura unconscious, he was "Sakura, Thank You ..."A team was formed to pursue chasing Sasuke, consisting of Naruto, Chouji, Kiba, Neji and team leader, Shikamaru. Although it has been assisted by Rock Lee, and three people from Sunagakure (Gaara, Kankurou, and Temari), they all could not stop Sasuke goes to Orochimaru, who actually just wants Sasuke's body as a "container" of the new spirit. All of the four men beat Orochimaru, and Naruto caught up with Sasuke.As the culmination of Part I, Naruto and Sasuke fight. Sasuke with "Joutai-2" with her and Naruto-Kyuubi one tail. place very exciting fight, which ultimately Chidori and Rasengan clash. Sasuke Naruto hit the right chest, rendering him unconscious, while Naruto managed to scratch Sasuke's headband (since the beginning of the fight in the hospital, Sasuke always said "you can not scratch my head a bit too").The fight ended when it rains, Sasuke down a forest road to the castle while remembering his past Orochimaru and Itachi, he then said (to myself to Itachi) "I will not obey your words! Will I get on my own strength! I will melampauimu with my own way! ... Definitely! "All fugitives like Akatsuki ninja wearing a headband with scratches, show Sasuke is also a fugitive ninja headband with a scratch.

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