Read Naruto 591Prediction - The Things I've Learned

Read Naruto 591Prediction - The Things I've Learned

Madara (disintegrating): Well it seems I underestimated you Hokage, you may not be powerful, but you were smart enough to send a Uchiha to stop the Edo Tensei. Only such a shinobi would be able to pull this off.

Tsunade: Actually I'm not sure what's going on - in our time all the Uchiha are dead...

Madara: WHAT?!

Oonoki: Either way it seems like your time is finally over, as well as this war. We've won.

Madara: Ha ha ha, have you learned nothing Oonoki? Nothing at all?

Oonoki: What do you mean?

Madara: Even if the edo tensei is gone, this war is far from over. The Akatsuki will still win and plunge this world into an abyss. Oh and one more thing before I go... This isn't over. I WILL be back, and when I come back, I will seek each one of you out first and finish what I started. I hope you use your time away from me wisely.

Gaara: ...

Madara (thinking): Tobi... you got your revenge on the Uchiha without consulting me... you bastard. Oh well, you and Nagato better have figured out how to bring me back properly. (disintigrates)

Mei: That was unexpected to say the least. I thought this was the end.

Gaara: We... we were helpless.

Tsunade: Yeah. And I'm worried about the truth to what he said. If the masked man finds a way to really bring him back, I'm not sure there's a ninja alive that can stop him.

Oonoki: Quiet everyone! After everything that's transpired here, all of the shinobi that sacrificed themselves, have you forgotten the point? We DID win. Whoever had the will to see it through far enough to stop this Edo Tensei proved that we have the will to do anything.

Tsunade (thinking): the old man... it's like he's a different person since he met Naruto and Gaara.

Oonoki: I never thought I'd even say the day when all five Kage joined together...


All of the second Kages are sitting in a balcony over looking a chunin exams contest

Oonoki: Muu-sama, is this the first time all 5 kages have actually met?

Muu: it appears so. (stares at Tobirama) Even in spite of the conflict we had with the leaf, I am confident that this meeting will set the tone for peace throughout the five great nations.


Oonoki: Where is he? (panting) Where is Muu sama?

Stone shinobi: Oonoki, Lord Tsuchikage, he... didn't make it.

Oonoki (cold faced): What....?

Stone Shinobi: It was an ambush... The second Mizukage himself attacked us. They killed eachother immediately.

Oonoki: But I just saw him yesterday... with the Mizukage...

Stone Shinobi:...

Oonoki: What... what kind of peace is this?!

*Oonoki in his 30's over looking the village as it prepares for war*

The only thing I learned is that there is no such thing as peace. Only betrayal. That this world is kill or be killed.

So I became the stubborn fence-sitter. I lived a long life because of it... I thought I had learned everything...

Hiruzen: The treaty is signed. The third shinobi war is over... finally.

Oonoki: Hokage...

Hiruzen: Yes, Tsuchikage?

Oonoki: We are the oldest sitting Kages in the history of the shinobi villages.


Oonoki: But I have heard you plan to give up your seat to someone new. Why? Why not rule stubbornly. Why entrust your village to someone else who will just be an incompetent kid?

Hirzuen: Because I have faith in the shinobi of my village. And I believe that we must eventually pass the title of Kage down to the next generation. Actually, this treaty was my last act as Hokage and I'm proud of that. Every generation that passes, we get closer to peace, and it's our responsibility to entrust that generation with the tools to bring about peace. Stubbornness is not such a tool, Oonoki.

Oonoki:... HMPH. You were always a naive fool Hiruzen. I'm sure the new guy will just get himself killed and you'll have to come crawling back. I guarantee it.

(back to the present)

Oonoki: that child... Naruto... he was the son of the 4th Hokage am I wrong?

Tsunade: No, you're correct.

Oonoki: Then Hiruzen was right. Each passing generation brings us closer to peace. I always thought I had learned everything as Tsuchikage, but this war taught me something. It taught me... that being a stubborn old man will get me nowhere...This war taught me that anything is possible if we just work together towards peace.

(panel shifts)

Tobi: Okay, enough playing around. Let's get serious.

Caption: The final battle for the beasts begins!

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