Read Naruto 591 Prediction - The tide of battle

Read Naruto 591 Prediction - The tide of battle 

Naruto: "I used up too much of Kurama's Chakara, give us some time."
Bee: "Ok Naruto. Lets go you shitheads"
Gai: "Kurama?"
Kakashi: "He must mean the Kyuubi "
Flashback: *remembers how terryfying it was from a distance the Kyuubi's power was*
Kakashi: Alright, there is no way we can lose, Gai, remember formation 'Lighting Strike' (or some weird formation name they did in the past).
Gai: "Of course I do Kakashi......"
Gai: "Hachimon tonkou kai!"
Kakashi - thinking: "With Gai's body all heated up, it will be easier for him to move much faster and hit much harder, and also....."
Gai: "Konoha blistering Whirldwind" *Gai jumps in the air almost instantly infront of Gedo Mazo and kicks, which generates a large crescent moon wind of fire about the size of Gedo Mazo's entire arm*

Tobi: "Too fast"
Naruto/Bee: !

*Gedo mazo blocks the kick but a huge wind of fire coupled with the strength of his kick causes it to wooble nearly falling down. It's arm on fire with a large laceration indent to it. Like Gai cut the air and sliced him with it.*

Kakashi: "Rakiri/Lighting Chain !"*Much, much thicker version of the one seen last time, it easily severs Gedo Mazo's legs and it falls down, still it's arm on fire.*

*Tobi Jumps and goes for Gai since his still tired from the last attack. Bee intercepts with a tail though Tobi warps through it, but Kakashi is underneath the tail and goes in for a punch.*

Tobi: "Shinra tensei!" *Kakashi gets blown back and poofs*
Tobi: "Good strategy, but don't thin-
Noise: "Tshhhhhhhhhhhh!" *BOOM*
Kakashi: "Did I get him?"

*Tobi is seen standing in the smoke, mask cracked and falling off near the mouth, shirt completely ripped showing a very pale white arm repairing.*

Tobi: "To think you planted an explosive tag.....Kakashi you indeed have good eyes, but this won't be enough"

*Kakashi comes out of the ground with a Kunai, Tobi steps back, phases a kick from Gai coming behind him. Gai engages in Taijutsu but only to be short lived by a Shinra Tensei, it poofs only to be a clone (yes Gai can use ninjutsu when he wants too). Gedo Mazo is already back up no fire on its arm, legs also reattached (has the cultamitive regeneration of 7 bijuus). Naruto is still resting, Bee is acting like a body guard for him.*

Tobi: "You are all nothing but ants scurrying around beneath my feet delaying the inevitable"
Kakashi: "Your plans are nothing but foolish and full of lost this war, and I don't intend to take you in as a war criminal. You will die here by my hands."
Tobi: "You think you can beat me, Kakashi the copy ninja, you are as foolish as your father was......."
Kakashi: "! So you knew him....."
Tobi: "Of course....I knew him very well.....he was my friend, but that was in the past...."

*Gedo Mazo goes in for a punch surprising everyone as it is heading in very fast, except for Gai who is in the 6th Gate.*

Gai: "Konoha grand palm/strike!!!!" - *a miniature version of Hirudora fires at Gedo Mazo's punch and it blows up, about as big as FRS. Gedo mazo gets knocked backwards.It's arm completely shattered and destroyed, only to slowly regenerate.*

*The smoke clears and Kakashi arms are completely claded in lighting and so are his feet and his whole face is masked in shadow (must be really pissed for bringing his father into this). His skin and shirt are peeling off as well.*

Kakashi: "I'll show you why I am rumored to have cut lighting."

Caption: "Rakiri's new form!" - Year of Kakashi folks

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