Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja rogue, capers, energetic and troublemakers. He is the son of a Hokage, the Hokage 4 (Minato Namikaze) and his mother was Uzumaki Kushina (Kyubi Jinchuriki before), but few know it. Naruto is actually very lonely because he was feared by his friends at the academy, because in fact he is Jinchuriki of Kyubi had attacked the village of Konohagakure. However, after hard work, Naruto became a very reliable and have many friends, especially when he saved the village of Konohagakure of Pain, he is a hero of the village. Make it successful is its unyielding nature and high spirits.

APPEARANCENaruto has some sort of mark on her cheek (like a cat's whiskers) originating from the Kyubi inside him.

Naruto ninja who initially was not a genius like Sasuke or Neji, but nature never give up and in high spirits and help from powerful Kyubi chakra in his body to make it work. Naruto's chakra control is actually worse even though he has great chakra. With a great chakra, Naruto can use to generate hundreds Kagebunshin stance bunshin [right]. Naruto is an expert in the use of disguise and bunshin jutsu. Even Naruto can use tactics Oiroke no Jutsu. In the part II, Naruto becomes more astute strategy. For example, to find enemy weaknesses with bunshinnya.
Naruto also learned a great moment that can only be used by his father and Jiraiya, the Rasengan [left]. Form a ball of chakra Rasengan if imposed could make a pretty severe damage. During the movie-movie Naruto, he has developed many rasengan, like the seven color rasengan, rasengan rasengan gelel and Shion. Naruto has also developed its own rasengannya with Yamato and Kakashi became a very powerful Rasengan is Rasenshuriken [right], Rasengan combined with the wind element. Rasenshuriken can cause severe body damage on the victim, but users will also experience the same damage to the body, though not as severe as the victim.
To fight Pain, Sage Naruto learn the techniques of [the right]. That enables it to absorb and use of natural energy. With such great power, able to defeat Pain and Naruto talking to Nagato.

Because the body there and seal the Kyubi Kyubi hold in his body began to weaken. Kyubi tremendous energy can exit any time particularly when angry. The worst is when Hinata collapsed in front of the tail is a tail out to 8 [Left: ekor6]. If you reach the 9 tails, Naruto was not able to be controlled. However, the fourth Hokage in his body up and strengthen the seal. And Naruto is now practicing with the KillerBee to control the Kyubi, which required him against the Kyubi. By using the Rasengan and Rasenshuriken Gargantuan giant, he managed to weaken the Kyubi and met his mother found his body. Kushina that tell the history of the Kyubi sealed inside him. However, Kushina was not able to appear again in front of Naruto, so it disappears from the front of Naruto.
OTHERAfter meeting with Minato Naruto in his mind at the time against Pain and met Kushina as against the Kyubi, Naruto passion burning even greater determination to fight Madara and stronger.

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