Naruto Manga 590 Prediction - Pride of an Uchiha

Naruto Manga 590 Prediction - Pride of an Uchiha

The scene shows Edo tensei being released on each battlefield
(Scene switches to Itachi and Sasuke)
Itachi with the same dialogue back at 589
Itachi: I ....still can make it

Itachi stops with his thoughts he then to Sasuke and he was nearly fading as he hugs Sasuke.
Itachi:, no matter what has become of you I believe you'll be redeemed from being the monster I created someday we'll meet again, I love you brother!
Sasuke was crying as he hugs back to his brother
Sasuke: Nii-san no matter what you say, I will kill those bastards and Konoha will burn in HELL!!!!
Itachi then thinks to himself and remembers all flashback he has starting the day when Sasuke was born till the present time.
Itachi: "Failures I have cost nightmares that I created and the way that the Ninja World is like this, its all my fault I wish I could have stayed longer or better yet have cherished my time when I was younger but anyhow I know it will be okay, Naruto! its all up to you now! prove to me and be a better brother to Sasuke than I did!! I can finally rest in peace in my aftermath.

Itachi finally fades away, Sasuke's darkside has finally awakened yet he was crying due to his agony still he laughed like a demon!!
Sasuke: HAHAHAHAHA!! Konoha!!! you will pay for the hell you have made against the Uchiha!! I shall glorify them with my hatred ending your pathetic belief of peace!!!
Angry as he is he looked at Kabuto and pissed off
Sasuke: For you have been making fun of the Uchiha I suppose that you shall be my 1st victim on this Bloodbath!! DIE!
Sasuke prepares a chidori spear to hit Kabuto suddenly Kabuto regains conciousness
Kabuto: WAIT!!! I can be useful! I'll do anything you want don't kill me!!
Sasuke: Pathetic and Ironic for someone who is Orochimaru's pet and you who dares disgraced the Uchiha name right in front of me give me one reason why I should let you live!!!
Kabuto: There is a doujutsu that is stronger than your sharingan I can help you gain---
Sasuke: Shut up you bastard there is no other stronger doujutsu than the sharingan!!! because the Sharingan is the strongest Eye!! so die you outsider!1
The chidori is about to kill Kabuto but then Suigetsu and Juugo appeared.
Suigetsu: Oiii!!! Sasuke stop that we need him!!!
Sasuke: Wow for someone I thought who died along time ago has the guts to show his face with betrayal?! what is it you want Suigetsu? still harvesting some swords? I got no interest in your pathetic Quest!! and as for you Juugo I don't give a damn.
Juugo: We didn't came here for that, Suigetsu found a present for you!
Suigetsu then shows the scroll that they found on Orochimaru's lab, Sasuke stopped his chidori and got curious
Sasuke: Just what is it...
The scene then goes to the 5 kage vs Madara fight
Tsunade: Luckily we are all alive!!
She was tired as she turns off her Byakugo
Me: We never have a death match like this and yes we should be thankful
Gaara said nothing, Oonoki was lying down and A was arrogantly celebrating Victory!!
A: I don't care that will show that pathetic Uchiha how not to mess with the 5 kage!! hmmm!!!! so right now we got the right to celebrate and---
Suddenly Madara re-appears and pierced A with his bare hands.
The rest of the 4 kages were shocked, A as well.
Madara: To think that I'm dead and for you to criticize who belongs to the Uchiha Clan is just a morons play
Tsunade: How did you survive I thought you were----
Madara: Izanagi, the forbidden sharingan jutsu which alters reality in exhange of the user's light however only those who have EMS can use it w/o the cost of light
Oonoki and the other Kages were at a state of fear.
Oonoki: At this rate we are gonna die we can't do anything!!
Madara: It has been fun 5 kage however every fun has its end and Tsunade Senju say hello to Hashirama for me in your after life both of you can talk of how a failure you ended up.
Madara is done with his speech he then took out A's heart leaving him dead.
Madara activates his Rinnegan and uses Shinra Tensei to fly and forms handseals.
Madara: Let this be your grave!!!!
Madara sends 10 meteors at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What will happen next??

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