Naruto Manga 589 Prediction - The Power Scale Rises

Naruto Manga 589 Prediction - The Power Scale Rises 


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maybe what suihetsu discovered can be what helps madara out of the edo-tensi cancelation.

i think the only way susanoo became perfect was due to the rinnegan or senju dna

I wonder how Sasuke is going to react to Itachi entrusting his will to Naruto. Would he just call him scum right in front of him just because he happens to be from the Leaf Village? Also, Madara seems like he's about to use the "whole new power" of the EMS since he said he would bring out his full strength. I doubt a perfect Susanoo is his full strength. He has the Rinnegan, the First Hokage's DNA, and EMS, and he expects us to believe that a perfect Susanoo is his full strength?
I agree, there has to be much more to him than that. I been waiting for him to unleash one of Nagato's jutsu just on a larger scale maybe he will do that next chapter.


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