NARUTO 592 Prediction:The Beginning

NARUTO 592 Prediction:The Beginning

scene starts with naruto and tobi naruto is exhausted but relieved but tobi seems mad

tobi: itachi even after your death you have caused me problems!

naruto: well now you have bigger problems!!!

tobi paying naruto no attention, zetsu joins tobi

zetsu: kabuto has failed as you expected tobi , and madara seems in control of his fight with the kages whats the plan


the scene switches to sasuke staring at kabuto who is still in inzanami

sasuke: im..... even more angry then before i swear i will avenge the uchiha clan!!!

sasuke draws out his sword toward kabuto

sasuke: this is the end for you kabuto!!!

before sasuke can kill kabuto the zetsu that was on kabuto grabs sasuke arms

zetsu:sasuke uchiha tobi has a proposition for you

we see the zetsu mouth moving but not hearing him say anything and sasuke has a grin on his face
it switches from sasuke to the kages with madara grinning, all the kages are on the ground almost dead

madaraou are not worthy to be called kages only if harishima was..

madara is about to kill them with a susanoo sword but stops as he hears an explosion

madara:it seems tobi is having a little problem with the uzumaki boy very well i will spare you all
scene switches to tobi is this possible?

chapter ends

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