NARUTO 592: Complete Despair

NARUTO 592: Complete Despair

 side text: madara return to life more powerful than ever , will the kages be able to win ?

madara is preparing chibaku tensei
tsunade: OH NO this jutsu is ... everyone PREPARE YOUR STRONGEST RANGED ATTACKS
mei: why ?
tsunade: no time to explain HURRY !
oonoki: we should believe in the slug princess
madara launch chibaku tensei in the sky and the moutains and the ground start being stuck
chibaku tensei is powerful that the kage can't even resist and start being sucked
tsunade: NO WAY his attack is far more powerful than pain's but we should give it a try
oonoki: JINTON: cyclone of dust ! ( a jinton in the form of a cyclone )
mei: LAVA RELEASE: wrath of the volcano ( a giant lava wave )
A: RAITON: tigers fury ( several lighting tigers jump to the center of chibalu tensei )
gaara: GIANT SAND SPEAR ( the name says it )
tsunade: SUPER CHAKRA FIST ( a big fist of chakra is launched )
all the attaks hit the CT but they don't do any damage
the five kages: !!?
madara: i said IT'S USELESS
all the kages are prisoned ina huge chibaku tensei, far larger than nagato's !
madara: ... but of course it's because of oonoki he used his earth jutsu to fuse all the kages with the rocks so they will not be crushed but they still unable to move
madara: HEY KAGES let's play a game
madara make a hand seal and divides CT into 10 smaller ones then he uses perfect susano'o
madara: and now let's test your luck each time i'll destroy one ball and we will see who will die first
madara destroy the first ball no one was inside it
madara: you was all lucky with this hit but things will not continue like this because next time i'll destroy two balls at the same time
perfect susano'o draw his second sword

scene switch to naruto and tobi:
kakashi: bee-san gai and naruto hold on i was contacted by shikaku and he said back up are on their road
naruto: NO WE DON'T need back up ... the masked man is strong and if they come many of them will die we just need to buy time till i'll be able to enter my bijuu mode
tobi: you're really very confident kid ... DON'T understimate me uzumaki naruto
bee: the jinchuriki are sealed OH YAY ! you have no other card to play !
tobi: no you are wrong hachibi this is even worst for you ... now that all the jinchuriki are sealed the gedo mazo have all the bijuus power
gai: what ?
gedo mazo start making a huge bijuudama
naruto: what the hell is this ?
the page shows half of tobi's face in the right and half of madara's face i the left
tobi and madara: THIS IS COMPLETE DEPAIR
side text: is it the end for our heros ?
end of chapter 

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