Naruto 591 Prediction: The Uchiha Incident

 Naruto 591 Prediction: The Uchiha Incident

Naruto: Heh. Well it looks like all your zombie friends are gone now.

Naruto: You're outnumbered. Bet'cha you're feeling rather nervous.

Naruto: Aren't you, Tobi?

Tobi: ...

Killer Bee: Your zombie pals have gone with a poof. Now you looking like a goof!

Kakashi: The game is up. This is your last warning

Tobi: Did you say "friend"?

Tobi: I think you must be confused.

Might Guy: No use trying to fool us. We know you teamed up with Kabuto.

Tobi: Teamed up? Yes I suppose in a sense you COULD say that.

Tobi: But I wouldn't call Kabuto or any of his summons allies. Much less friends. Actually I'm glad I don't have to worry about that anymore

Naruto: What the hell are you talking about!?

Tobi: The zombies were useful in getting rid of some flies. But sooner or later I would have to fight Kabuto too. It would be a pain in the neck
since I would have to fight the summoned Madara too.

Naruto: Kabuto betrayed you by summoning Madara and proving you're a fake. But even so you continue to hide behind a mask. The real Madara
also had a Rinnengan and knew about Nagato. That means one thing.

Naruto: You were once teamed up with the real Madara.

Tobi: ...I admit. You're right.

Tobi: I WAS once teamed up with Madara. We were the two masked men.

Naruto: You teamed up with Madara to unleash Nine Tails and blame it all on the Uchiha Clan, didn't you? You called yourself Madara because even
if people thought you weren't Madara they would still think you're Uchiha
and blame the clan.

Might Guy: But if they thought you were actually Madara...

Kakashi: Then you hoped that name would scare them away.

Killer Bee: But in case a ninja got brave. You had your buddy Madara
keep you from the grave.

Kakashi: You and Madara acted as the same person but unfortunately
for you Madara died and you had to be more cautious. You couldn't
risk calling yourself Madara anymore unless you had some power
to back up such words. The 5 nations aren't going down without
a fight and you knew that. So you waited until you got the power of
the tailed beasts before you made your declaration of war.

Naruto: You joined forces with Kabuto to even the odds. You planned
to eventually control Kabuto via genjutsu and use the zombies to your
advantage. Especially Madara which you would use to continue your lie.

Tobi: All true. But still there's a fundamental piece of the puzzle missing.

Naruto: And what's that!?

Tobi: Why do you think it was a bad thing for me that Madara died?

Naruto: What!?

Tobi: I'm sure you know by now that Hashirama didn't actually kill
Madara. But do you know how he really died? Would you like to know?

Killer Bee: Spills the beans or we'll kill you fiend!

Tobi: It's true that long ago I teamed up with Madara. I was the first
to uncover the truth of his fake death at the valley of the end.
He was hiding in the shadows of the Hidden Mist as one of their
Tracker Nin. But prideful as he was Madara used his sharingan
to control Yagura so he could rule the Hidden Mist. This gave him away.

Tobi: In exchange for not revealing this vital information he allowed
me the use of his infamous name and reputation. I agreed to the deal.

Tobi: We both wanted Uchiha dead so we worked together to unleash
Nine Tails and have it blamed on the Uchiha Clan. I knew that since
nobody would believe such a outrageous lie that this would lead
to the distrust and eventual destruction of the Uchiha Clan.

Tobi: But two talented Uchiha were a problem. Shisui Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha. If they found out the truth they could ruin our big plans.
To solve this, Madara let Itachi find him and made a deal with him.
Meanwhile I approached Danzo as Madara.

Danzo to Tobi (flashback): Aren't you supposed to be dead?

Tobi to Danzo: This Uchiha rebellion. Who do you think caused it?

Danzo: Nine Tails was your doing. But you tried to make Uchiha your
scapegoat, didn't you? All so you could avenge your fallen pride.

Tobi: Exactly.

Danzo: Nobody would believe that you, Madara, are still alive.
And so the blame would go to the Uchiha Clan and it would lead to war.
Either Konoha or Uchiha dies. Whatever the case you win or so you think.

Tobi: What's the third option then?

Danzo: Simple. Disable you and make you spill the beans to the village.

Tobi: Even if you could do that. The rebellion will happen anyways.

Danzo: ?

Tobi: My subordinate has a certain eye power that will convince
those foolish Uchiha to stay true to the clan. No matter what.

Danzo: You're not talking about...

Tobi: That's right. Shisui Uchiha is my student. Like me he believes in
the true Uchiha Clan. Not these Senju lap dogs they've become.
Shisui will do whatever is necessary to restore the pride of the Uchiha.

Danzo: You...

Tobi: War is upon you and there's nothing you can do about it.

Flashback ends

Tobi: With Danzo suspicious of Shisui and his ultimate genjutsu
there would be no way to prevent the soon to be Uchiha Massacre.
Even if Danzo tried killing Shisui it would only make him a martyr for Uchiha.
The chips were already down and now it was time for the cards to be dealt.

Naruto: You...


Tobi: Thinking it was the only way he could save his little brother. Itachi
joined forces with Madara to massacre his own clan. Just as I planned.

Tobi: Danzo and I gathered the dead Uchiha eyeballs for our own use.
I'm sure Danzo planned to use them against me. But I wasn't interested
in fighting Danzo just yet. I had someone else I needed to get rid of first.

Tobi: The truth is...I was the one who murdered Madara Uchiha.

Naruto/Kakashi/Might Guy/Killer Bee:

Tobi: Izanagi made it so simple.

Tobi: I knew Madara was prideful and would only let me use his name
for so long before it got soiled. But I still had other plans and I couldn't
let even Madara get in the way of them.

Tobi: I killed Madara and assumed his identity for my own sake.

Tobi: Madara, Kabuto, Zetsu, Akatsuki Nagato, even your precious Sasuke

Naruto: ...

Tobi: They're all just pawns in my Project Tsuki No Me.

Tobi: I can still win this game of shogi without them.

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