Naruto 591 Prediction 2

Naruto 591 Prediction : Karma

Itachi's farewell...
Sasuke: ....
Itachi: Goodbye...
Itachi's gone
Sasuke: You were forced....Itachi....I can never ever forgive Konoha...
Sasuke: That memory....just added a whole lot of anger towards me *EMS shinning between his hair*
Sasuke turns at Kabuto
Sasuke: You are not part of Konoha, you are not included in my promise!
Sasuke's sword swings towards his neck
Kabuto blocks it with his hand all of the sudden
Sasuke: !? What?
Kabuto: I have to thank Itachi, really.
Sasuke: You were in....
Kabuto: Izanami? Please Sasuke. You of all people should know you can't get rid of a snake that easily.
Sasuke: How...explain.
Kabuto: Before I absorbed all of Orochimaru's cells, I made sure I understood everything there was to know about the Sharingan. Orochimaru worked with Danzo and as you may know, Izanagi was achievable for even a non-Uchiha.
If we knew about Izanagi, then we surely must have known about Izanami..although I do admit, we could never replicate it, so when Itachi used it on me I was caught off guard. Well in short...
Sasuke: ....
Kabuto: All your jutsus, are useless before these eyes! *Kabuto glares at him with his sinister snake eyes*
Sasuke starts to tremble
Sasuke: *What...what is this chill going down my spine....why? How can I be scared....I am the only thing to be feared din this world....*
Kabuto: Genjutsu is impossible to use on me, as long as I'm connected with this snake, you will have to resort on other means.
Sasuke: Then..why did you hide your eyes in the beginning..
Kabuto: give you a false sense that you have the capability of putting me into genjutsu.
Sasuke: Wait! Then why did you allow Itachi to end your Edo Tensei?
Kabuto; To get rid of Itachi of course. *And to ensure "he" dies.*
Sasuke: Enough! Sasuke's Susano forms
Kabuto gradually looks up at it.
Sasuke stabs him with the sword of Amaterasu
Kabuto liquifies his body and side steps it
Sasuke: Dammit! Amaterasu!
Kabuto uses oral rebirth and slithers away.
Sasuke: Not so fast! Sasuke uses his amaterasu shuriken to strike him
Kabuto burns
Sasuke: I ...I did it...
Kabuto: You really are....scared.
Sasuke: !!!
Kabuto's snake bits his neck
Sasuke: urgh....this sharingan....
Kabuto: I was saving this for Naruto...but I just rememberd how entertaining it would be to make you squeal.
Kabuto's back rips out two wings, his legs grow into cat like legs and his hands grow enourmous nails. His Horns becomes large and his jaw extends.He grows another face beside him which is Orochimaru's snake form face.
Sasuke: this...
Kabuto: The snake always dreamed to fly
Kabuto: I have made that dream, a reality. This is the full hydra mode. Chimera.
Chapter end.

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