Naruto 590 Predictions - Thunder and Lightning

Naruto 590 prediction : Thunder and Lightning

Chapter starts with Itachi walking towards Sasuke

Itachi: I ....can still..
Sasuke: This is...*back when you first died*
Itachi pokes Sasuke's head
Sasuke: !!?
Itachi: I gave you my sword and shield....although you want to cause destruction...I hope that if you ever decide to use these weapons....that they would remind you of me.
Sasuke: .....
Itachi about to fade away
Itachi: can really......
Sasuke stands in a pile of ashes

Scene switch to Madara

Madara: !? What's this?
Gokage: !?
Madara: Sharingan! *Madara looks at Muu who is completely vanished*
Madara's hand starts crumbling
Madara: seems you failed me.
Tsunade: This is our chance! Kazekage!
Gaara: Right!
Gaara launches an enormous amount of Sand at Madara.
Madara: Let's see what happens.
Madara is sealed
Onoki: yes....we did's--
Suddenly Onoki is slashes through the chest with a regular sword.
Tsunade: !!? What?
E: Old man!
Madara turns around and goes for Tsunade
Tsunade: I don't have enough strength to dodge...
Ei jumps in the way, and punches Madara away.
Mizukage: how? We sealed him this time....for sure...
Madara: Izanagi....I've never dared to use it before...but it seems with my eternal mangekyou sharingan, I can never lose the light.
Tsunade: Damit....
Gaara: Hokage, the Tsuchikage is badly injured...
Tsunade: ....
Ei: ?
Tsunade: Kuchiyose no jutsu.
Tsunade summons Katsuya who goes on everyone but herself.
Ei: Hokage, what are you doing? Heal yourself damnit!
Tsunade: There's no use....he's the perfect shinobi....and I'm out of technioques effect will kick in any second now and suck my life force dry.....soon...I'll...die.
Ei: Bullshit! This is not the legendary Sannin I know. Come on...I ...can't do this alone..
Tsunade turning old
Tsunade: You can....and you will....I know your determination....
Mizukage: Lady Tsuande...
Ei: Don't....don't do it...
Tsunade smiles and looks at Ei
Tsunade: Next time...ok buddy....
Ei: !!
Tsunade collapses.
Mizukage; Raikage your arm!
Ei; !? She...not only restored my chakra to full.......she....
Flashback of Hiruzen fighting the Sandaime Raikage.
Hiruzen dodges the 1 finger nukite and smacks Raikage's hand with his Monkey King Bar.
Sandaime and Hiruzen retreat back.
Hiruzen: A good're quick and strong....
Sandaime: As for you, proffesor...*He managed to injure my hand with that bar...*
Young Tsunade watches
Young Ei watches
Ei: Go get em dad!
Tsunade: little punk, Our hokage can't lose to the likes of him.
Ei: What did you say you little bitch?
Tsunade: You heard me.
Ei: ...Urgh
Tsunade: Come on big guy, all I need is 1 finger to take you out.
Ei charges at Tsuande
Tsunade: He's fast!
Tsunade blocks his punch with his finger and flicks his arm.
Ei is sent flying
Sandaime Raikage: ! *I get it...she inherited the firsts power...that's how she managed to break my sons arm..*
Sandaime Raikage: Come, we're going.
Ei: But...she...broke my...
Sandaime: If you stay here and cry like a girl, you are not my son!
Hiruzen: ....
Tsunade: !
Ei: Dad.....sorry.....
Sandaime walks away.
Tsunade walks toward Ei
Ei: !?
Tsunade is healing his hand
Tsunade: I know what it's like to lose someone you love. I saw it in your eyes. You're a good man, I'm sorry.
Ei: ....Thanks.
Tsunade walks away
Ei: Wait! I want a proper fight with you one day.
Tsunade: smiling, she says-Maybe next time, k buddy!
Flashback ends with Ei's hand in the first and crying.
Ei: I ....never got that rematch.....
Ei: Kuchyose no jutsu!
His two arm weights appear. He puts them on
Madara: hmm? you think a few weights will give you any slight hope of victory?
Ei: These aren't just weights. These are conductors.
Thunder strikes Ei, he's in v2.
Ei: Not since Uchiha Sasuke has anyone pissed me off this much.
Madara: !?
Ei: Kazekage/Mizukage, your assistance is no longer needed.
Kaz/Miz: !?
Ei: As the commanding general, I will end this in a flash.
Madara: well, come and try.
Ei: I will show you the true meaning of the flying thunder god.
The Raikage's blood boils!
Chapter end.

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