Naruto 590 Predictions - Only The Beginning

Naruto 590 prediction: Only The Beginning

Side Text-Itachi Approaches Sasuke In A Familiar Manner...

Itachi(Thinking): Almost there...
*Itachi walks closer to Sasuke*
Sasuke: ...
*Itachi's fingers are just about to touch Sasuke's forehead but they fade away*
Itachi: !!
Sasuke: !!
Itachi: ...Looks like there wont be a next time after all...good bye...little brother.
Sasuke: *Tears up*
*Itachi completely fades away*
Sasuke: ...
*Sasuke's head is down, a tear drops, then he looks up and he's got a cold look in his eyes*
Sasuke: ...
*Sasuke stares at Kabuto*
Kabuto: ...
Sasuke: I should kill you...but I have somewhere to be.
*Sasuke leaves*
Kabuto: ...

*Kabuto is shown still trapped in Izanami*
Kabuto: Damn you Itachi....DAMN YOU!!!
???: In a little trouble are we?
Kabuto: ?!
Hoshi: Maybe I can help.
Kabuto: When did you-!
Hoshi: Yup, Black Zetsu planted me on you while you were giving away the secrets to Edo Tensei. Tobi wanted to find out everything about you, I don't think he'll be pleased to know you lied to him about how to stop Edo Tensei, more so that the way you told him to stop it was actually a trap to seal him in your mind, another way for you to get other's powers?
Kabuto: Argh!
Hoshi: Don't look so worried...I told you I could help. *Troll face*

*Some scenes of Edo Tensei locations, generally all just saying "Yay Edo Tensei is stopped, blah blah*

*Scene changes to Kages*
Edo Madara: This is the end-!
Tsunade: What's happening?
Edo Madara: ...Looks like you've lucked out, but I'll be back...count on it.
*Edo Madara fades away*
Onoki: He's gone...but how!?
Killer A: Someone must have stopped Edo Tensei...
Gaara: But who?
Mei: We'll figure this out later, but first we have to go back up Naruto!
*The Kages take off, except Tsunade*
Tsunade(Thinking): What did he mean that he'll be back...Grandfather...I will make you proud!
*Tsunade takes off*

*Scene changes to Tobi and Naruto and whatnot*
Tobi: ...
Naruto: Hehe.
Tobi: !? What's so funny?
Naruto: The look on your face!
Tobi: ...
Killerbee: He's wearing a mask(Raps it in some way)
Naruto: I know...but I just know the look on his face is...
*Close up on Tobi's face*
Naruto: Fear!
Tobi: ...Hehe.
Naruto: Now we're all laughing, that's good *Naruto Smiles*
Tobi: I'm only laughing at how you actually believe I'm afraid.
Naruto: Oh, so you're not? Guess I'm not as good as reading people as I thought, oh well. Haha!
Tobi: It's good that you find this so amusing, since once I complete my Moon Eye Plan, you'll never laugh again!

End Text-The Battle To Save The World Continues

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