Naruto 590 Prediction - One last...

Naruto 590 Prediction - One last...

[Chapter starts with Manga windows showing the Edos lightin up]
[Scene goes to Sasuke and Itachi]

Sasuke: Nii San, goodbye...
Itachi: (Please... I can still make it!) Sa--

*Itachi's body starts to float and dissapear, his hand is the last one to crumble

Sasuke: Itachi.... !!!!

*Window show Itachi's hand poking Sasuke, and slowly crumbles in the light

Itachi: (FORGIVE THEM, this is the last time, goodbye, Sasuke)
Sasuke: Itachi.... Nii San.... Okay....

*Tears flow down from Sasuke's eyes as his brother's message is transmitted through his one last poke, then Sasuke smiles

[Page shows the Edos have completely dissappeared, some ninjas shouting in victory]
[Scene changes to Naruto and Tobi]

Naruto: Now Masked Man, we end this!
Tobi: (That damned Itachi), we shall then, IF you can still keep up.

[Scene to HQ]

Sensors: What are these? The whole battle field is filled with chakras streaming upward!
Intelligence Divs: Shinobis here and there are saying that the reincarnated enemies are glowing and disappeared in a stream of chakra!!!
Inoichi and Ao: SHIKAKU!!
Shikaku: I'm already working on it! Anyone knows who the shinobi was? Send some of the meds to the Kages! Tsunade-Sama won't be able to heal them all!

*Intelligent division members now send message to all the Shinobis. Shikaku then taps his pant's pockets, Katsuyu comes out

Shikaku: Katsuyu, tell them!
Katsuyu: On it Shikaku-San!
Tenga: Shikaku-San, I contacted Kakashi-San and Gai-San just now, they connected me to Naruto, he said it was Itachi!
Shikaku: (That boy.... He was of the Leaf after all....) How're they doing?
Tenga: Kakashi and Gai San are both injured and exhausted but are just fine, Naruto's keeping up with the Masked Man!
Shikaku: OKAY! Tell the whole army the information, give me a minute to think about our next move!
Whole Intelligence division: YES SIR!

*Shikaku starts thinking, but suddenly disrupted by Katsuyu

Shikaku: WHAT?! AO!! (Good thing my next plan is applicable to this scenario)
Shikaku: BUT HOW?! Get some medical and sealing ninjas on hold, they're Team B, separate them from the main assembly, Team A, contact the ones that are still on the last battlefields to confirm that all summoned shinobis are gone, then send them to join Team B! (Damn, this man does live up to his legend)
Int. Div.: HAI!

[Scene goes back to Sasuke]

Sasuke: I guess it's time to go... ?!!!

Kabuto then suddenly chokes, coughs and falls to the ground!

Kabuto: (Damn, he made me do it) ?!!! Sa-- Sasuke!!! You're still here!!! (I'm out of power, I can't make it! Time to escape)
Sasuke: Kabuto, you're still alive?!
Kabuto: I'm gonna get revenge on you! Mark my word!

Kabuto then slithers quickly backwards into the darkness, the cave starts to crumble

Sasuke: SHI--

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