Naruto 590 Prediction - New world

Naruto 590 Prediction - New world

Itachi reaches sasuke.
He pokes him on the forehead. And a huge chakra burst comes from Itachi. His last mangekyou dissapears and Sasukes sharingan activates without him doing it.
Sasuke: What is this brother!? Why is your other sharingan getting black too? What are you doing to me?! Sasuke jumps away.
Itachi: This is my last present for you sasuke. I gave you another power up. I know you will go to the leaf but you will meet naruto first. You need this.
Sasuke:... brother..
Itachi smiles.
Itachi: Bye my little brother. Im proud of you, no matter what.
Itachi dissapears.
Sasuke's falls on his knees.
Sasuke: ... Nii san.. crying
Sasuke yells his name out with tears in his eyes straight forward: ITACHII!!!!
Kabuto is standing before sasuke's eyes.
Kabuto: Sasuke.. You guys have beaten me. And you have new eyes again..
Sasuke: What did you say?
Kabuto: Hehe.. dont you feel it?
Sasuke: Your right.. what is this?
Kabuto: You have obtained the rinnegan.
Sasuke: The what?
Kabuto: The sage of 6 paths eyes..
Sasuke: ??!! How?
Kabuto: Itachi gave you something what activated it.
Sasuke: Why...
Kabuto: Because he believes you will use them wisely.
Kabuto: Im done with this cursed world. Im done with it. Im going home, sasuke, you have now greater power than you can ever believe.. Use it wisely.
Sasuke: Kabuto wait.
Kabuto: ..?
Sasuke: Let me test them..! HAAHHH!
Kabuto: Nooo! please i gave up i told you!
Sasuke: I dont care. Shut up you snake.
Kabuto's soul gots absorbed.. Noo... finally i had someone thinking about me. It was too late. Farewell brother..
Sasuke: This is weard. It feels like i had this power all along, like i allready knew how to use it.
Sasuke: time to go to Naruto, i allready know where he is thanks to this eyes. Kuchiyose no jutsu!
A new Bird gets summoned, with rinnegan eyes.
He flies away.
Sasuke: What is that? He sees madara's susannoo reaching the clouds.
Sasuke: Is that a susanno!? Impossible. Lets check it out.

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