Naruto 590 Prediction - The Honor of an Uchiha

Naruto 590 Prediction - The Honor of an Uchiha 

chapter starts with naruto and bee facing tobi and gedo mazo
naruto: so that all what you has you stupid giant piece of rock
tobi: don't be so full of yourself kid don't think that someone like me will be serious against someone like you
tobi to himself: hmm now i need to understand what happened to him he look very different and that aura ... very strange ...
scene turns to konoha 11 and the rest of the shinobi alliance
hinata: hold on naruto we are coming
scene switch to itachi and sasuke
sasuke: nii-san you ...
itachi: come here sasuke
sasuke goes to itachi so itachi pokes him for a last time then dissapear
sasuke ( cry ): nii-san ... i'll kill these bastards that make you suffer and destroy konoha
then sasuke remarke kabuto falling
sasuke: so you still alive
sasuke do a handsign and he is prepared to kill kabuto with a chidori
kabuto: no sasuke wait wait i'm useful waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
????: yes sasuke you better not kill him
sasuke turns and he is surprised by seeing suigetsu and juugo holding a scroll
juugo: first look at this before you kill him
scene switch to madara
madara: what ... i'm disapearing !
gaara: yes ... someone succeded stopping the edo tensei , we're saved
madara: don't be happy kage
madara: IZANAGI !!!!!
madara activate izanagi and now he is alive and no more an edo
the kages: ?!!
tsunade: it's IZANAGI ... but how didn't he lost his his eyesight !
madara: well seing that you'll die i'll explain to you, an uchiha honor is his eyes
they are his power,his pride, the reason why he's superior to other humans but by losing them he become more than trash nothing more than a poor normal human so losing them is more than losing his own life that's why me madara uchiha by upgrading my sharingan into a rinnegan i find a way to be able to cast this jutsu without losing my eyesight but by sacrifising the half of my chakra so if i use it twice i die but that's better than using it twice and stay alive but without sharingan ... anyway now i'm back to life and i'm free
i also need to thanks kabuto for giving me hashirama's abilitys and now i'll kill you all BE PREPARED KAGES
gaara: we're doomed ...
the chapter end

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