Naruto 590 Prediction: Abandoned

Naruto 590 Prediction: Abandoned 

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The masked man reveals himself!!

Kiri shinobi: Uchiha Madara?! But he's dead...

Zabuza: Lies!! I don't believe someone claiming they are someone who is wearing a mask!
Tobi: I am indeed Madara. Let me show you!
Yagura transforms into the Three-Tails.
Zabuza: ?! This is bad!
Scene changes to Mei still standing at the altar with tears running down her face.
Back at the mansion, there are many dead with only a few Kiri shinobi, Zabuza and Jinin.
Jinin: I'm starting to believe he is Madara. Only Madara is capable of controlling a Tailed Beast.
Tobi: ...Do it Three-Tails.
Isobu charges up a Tailed Beast Bomb.
Jinin: I don't think so!
Jinin jumps onto Isobu's head and slams his hammer.
Jinin: Everlasting Migraine!!
Jinin: Sealing Squad now!!
The Sealing Squad extracts Isobu from Yagura.
Tobi: Bastards! No need to freak out. I have more tricks up my sleeve.
Tobi warps away.
Later, Jinin approaches Mei at the altar but she just walks away.
The next day, Jinin knocks on Mei's door.
Jinin: Mei? Are you home? I'm sorry, things came up and I had no choice.
Mei: ...
Some figures appear behind Jinin.
Jinin: ?! You?! How are you...
It is Yagura and a few Kiri shinobi.
Yagura: Kill him.
Jinin is seen sinking in the lake in front Mei's house bloody and beaten.
Tobi is on top of a building close by.
Tobi: Nice work Zetsu.
Flashback ends. The Kage are lying in defeat.
Madara: It was fun while it lasted.
Madara begins to walk away.
Mei: No...
Madara: ?
Mei: I have had enough with men walking out on me!

Chapter ends 

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