Naruto 589 Which Kages are about to die? Tsunade Raikage Tsuchikage Mizukage Gaara

Naruto 589 Which Kages are about to die? Tsunade, Raikage, Tsuchikage, Mizukage, Gaara 


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i really hope tsuchikage doesnt far only mu and he know the jinton particle would be such a waste if the tsuchikage doesnt teach that great jutsu to another person before he dies..good discussion mr rampage! ^____^


Good review.
If the Raikage dies, then i dont imagine Tsunade dying. He seems like the king of guy who would give his life to save Tsunade cause he seems likes her alot.
I imagine Tsunade dividing her medical seal to the kages to save them after seeing the Tsuchikage dying, cause he's at his limit.
And thanks for giving your opinion about the 5 kages vs "the human" Madara, he is good but not good enough to defeat the 5 all at once.

I see tsunade and the lil old man dieing cuz I review the last chapter when they showed the fight with madara.....them two is using up most of the charkas against madara...I think they gonna die by depleting there charkas

That said, at this point Tsunade has used a lot of chakra so I can see her dying. However, it's not necessary. Oonoki's death has always been forshadowoed since his introduction when he refused to retire as Tsuchikage. A is far to brash, and he impetuously cut off his arm limiting him to one jutsu so I see him dying. Tsunade may die as well. But I'm fairly sure if Oonoki doesn't take Madara out in his death Tsunade will in hers. Plot wise it just makes sense


And replacements go as such
Tsunade ----> Kakashi
A---> Darui
Oonoki----> Kitsuchi he seems to be the only one with adequate power, experience and wisdom. Followed by Ittan


Very good point... but in shippuuden it almost looks like he left that desire to become hokage cause he rarely talks about it unlike the classic Naruto. It would be cool if in the end he would be branded a new name like the sannins or something like that and the kage position for Kakashi, who for me is a very suitable replacement to Tsunade if anything happens.


Tsunade doesn't need to die in order for Naruto to become hokage. Remember, the third hokage appointed Minato to position of 4th hokage. The 2nd hokage appointed Hiruzen as the third hokage before he actually died. Naruto wouldn't exactly make a good hokage right now. Firstly, he's too Sasuke obsessed and would put villagers in danger in that way. Then he is still too immature. Character wise I don't see him doing paper work day in and day out. We know how he loves his missions.
That is a valid point Tsunade does not have to die for Naruto to be Hokage. As I mentioned in my video (give or take the wording) in a great ninja war big named shinobi need to die or why even call it a war. I hope Tsunade does not die but it would make sense if she does. Thanks for your comments. 



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