Naruto 589 Prediction - Survive!

Naruto 589 Prediction: Survive! 

(The Kages look up at the colossal, mega construct in absolute deference.)

Gaara: “How on earth do we beat that?”


Tsunade (shivering in utter fear): “If there are anymore words of encourage, I’d like to hear them now, Tsuchikage!”

Tsuchikage: “Noo, Raikage’s right for once. We have to survive, flee, and live to fight another day-strategic retreat. You don’t think I’ve lived this long without being able to know when to cut my losses. Don't think this means we're giving up. We'll hunt him down and try to take him out in every theater of war he he crops, one day when we are adequately prepared. ”

Mei: “Well, what are we waiting for? I don’t want to die before I’m married!”

(The ultimate Susano-o forms a dark, purplish flame in its right hand and spiraling winds crackling with light electricity in its left hand. The Susano-o then starts to forcibly mix the two chakras together, creating instability and earthquakes. Meanwhile, the Kages are fleeing, but stay close together.)

Madara: “I don’t think so… You’ve forced my hand, now deal with the consequences! I'll call this one, Flame of End Days! With this power, I can create and ruin!”

(The Susano-o controls a miniature, purplish, black, flaming vortex between two hands. Susano-o places it on the ground. Soon it gathers tremendous mass and range as it spins viciously through the air. The Kages look back to spot the gargantuan inferno as it engulfs the surrounding area, setting unholy fires to the environment. The sky, dark sends out branches of lightning tendrils that are reaching down from the sky, linking to the massive hurricane below. The Kages turn to face their doom, walls of darkness clouds out all else visible.)

Tsunade: “We can’t outrun this!” (Raikage outreaches his right hand.)

Raikage: “AHHHHHHH! (Raikage’s Ration Armor dissipates around him, causing a circular Raiton barrier encasing him and the rest of the Kages.) This is only a buffer! I need reinforcement!” (Gaara makes a handseal, which causes sand to force its way out of the Raiton field to encase the Kages in a dense, dome of sand.)

Tsuchikage: “As long as this body draws breath-!” (Tsuchikage pounds the earth beneath him, this causes a layer of rock to encase the sand in yet another protective dome. As the spiraling flames collide with the Kages’ defenses, it starts to crack, seconds later, the whole dome is engulfed in flames. From the top view, the hurricane is eating away at least a 5 mile radius. The scene switches over to HQ, everyone inside feels a deep tremor.)

Shikaku: “What the hell was that?! Inoichi?!” (Inoichi speaks from his seat, sensing the happenings in areas with the other sensors.)

Inoichi: “I, uhh, I don’t know how to say this…” (The scene switches over to Naruto vs. Tobi. A spark flashes in the sky, as Naruto and Tobi separate from each other. They both land to the ground about 15ft from each other. Tobi’s mask his half destroyed along with holes in his fan, and his robe in tatters. Naruto’s headband is gone, he has his top jacket blown off, and his under shirt in tatters. Naruto bleeds from his mouth and is covered in minor scratches, Tobi has a scar going across the exposed portion of his face’s skin [like Scar in the Lion King].)

Naruto: “That couldn’t have been good. I need to finish this before more are hurt…”

Tobi: “Must’ve been him, just what has Kabuto been up to with that Edo Tensei?”

(A little ways a way, Kakashi and Gai are holding up a severely exhausted Killer Bee.)

Gai: “Woah, did you feel that, guys?”

Kakashi: “Yes, indeed. Whatever’s going on is just as intense as here.”

Killer Bee: “Baddies, cut us a break for our sake…”

(The scene switches back over to Madara’s location. He has withdrawn his Susano-o.)

Madara: “Hmph, can’t say I was disappointed. I was able to draw out among my most potent of techniques; the Rinnegan is truly impressive. Now, onto more pressing concerns. (As he turns his back and takes another step, he hears a crack. He picks up his hand notices that it’s cracking. WHAT IS THIS?”

Next time: Edo Tensei's Collapse 



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