Naruto 589 Prediction: Our First Meeting

Naruto 589 Prediction: Our First Meeting

The most evil and perfect Susanoo!!

Gokage: ?!
Madara: Behold Uchiha Madara's full power! Blaze Release: Apocalypse Shower!!
Meteors coated in Amaterasu flames shoot from Susanoo's hands.
Mei: Lava Release: Sea of Magma!!
A giant sea of lava covers the Amaterasu meteors.
Madara's Susanoo starts performing hand seals.
Mei: Not again... Looks like this is it for me...Jinin my love...
Mei flashes back to a mission in the Land of Snow when she was a genin.
Mei is standing before a beaten Snow shinobi.
Mei: Where is he?
Mei makes the horse hand seal.
Mei: Nightmare Illusion Technique!!
Snow shinobi: ?!
The Snow shinobi sees a large woman.
Woman: Yowamusi!!!
Yowamusi: Mmmother?!
Woman: Tell me where the boy is or else...
The woman brings up a large paddle.
Yowamusi: Blood Snow Pass! Please mother, no spankings.
Mei: This guy has issues.
Scene changes to Blood Snow Pass. All the shinobi are defeated. Mei approaches a boy tied up.
Mei: Are you alright?
Boy: Yeah. An old enemy of my father's hired the Snow shinobi to hold me for ransom.
Mei: You are of the Akebino family aren't you? The richest family in the Land of Water?
Boy: Yes. I am Akebino Jinin.
Mei: I'm Terumi Mei. Nice to meet you Jinin.
Scene flashes to Mei sparring with a few Kiri shinobi. Jinin is watching them. A year later, Jini becomes a genin. Another year passes and Mei and Jinin face each other in the chunin exams. Mei becomes the winner.
Mei: You are a very skilled shinobi Jinin. I am glad to have fought you.
Jinin: Yeah me too.
Mei pulls up Jinin. Sometime later the two have developed a relationship. The two go on missions together and Jinin becomes one of the Seven Swordsmen.
Ameyuri Ringo: Welcome to the Seven Swordsmen Jinin. I am Ringo Ameyuri. It is a pleasure to have you join us.
Mei: (I remember when I first met you, you were a boy of no skill. Now you are one of the legendary Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Look how much you changed.)
Another time later, Mei is wearing a wedding gown at an altar.
Mei: (Jinin where are you?)
Elsewhere, Jinin, Zabuza and a group of Kiri ninja raid the Mizukage mansion.
Zabuza: Yagura, show yourself! Your time has come!
Yagura: Has it now?
Yagura emerges from the shadows.
Yagura: I never expected you and Jinin and turn on me Zabuza. Why would you do that?
Jinin: You have gone corrupt Yagura! You lured us in a trap and tried to have us killed in the dogfight between Konoha and Kumo! We were loyal to you and you turned on us!
A man appears beside Yagura.
Zabuza: ?! Who the hell are you?!
Man: The strongest of the Uchiha... Uchiha Madara!!!

Chapter ends


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