Naruto 589 Prediction - Madara become serious

Naruto 589 Prediction: Madara become serious

 The scene shows Madara inside Perect Sussano form, in front of him shocked 5 kages are lying on the gorund.
Gaara: It is huge!
Mei: Uchiha Madara..., there is any limit to his power
A: it must be nightmare...
Tsunade: Impossible!
Oonoki: I have never seen this form before..., This is bad...
Madara: Finally I broke your will to fight. It is only begining.
The scene shows Sussano which, create black sword from chakra in his right hand. It pierce Jinton shield with sword. As Jinton shield broke Madara use.
Madara: Shinra Tensei!
5 kages are sent flying in rocks. As 5 kages are strugling to stand up
Gaara: Shit, He is too powerfull
Mei: How can we keep promise?
A: Don't give up, We are powerfull too
Tsunade: It is bad, Can it be worse
Oonoki: Stand up, We have to fight and win even with risking our lives.
Madara: I changed my mind.
5 Kages: ?!
Madara: With power and ablities I have I would kill you all in 5 seconds.
5 kages: NO, we will prove you that you are wrong.
Madara: No, you showed me your full power, so I praised you just moment ago. However with Hashirama power, Mokuton and Rinnengan, Sage of six paths eyes it would be overkill. You would be dead in instant. However I want to compare you at full power to me, Uchiha man with mastered Eternal Mangenkyou Sharingan with extra regeneration. From now I won't use Rinnengan or Mokuton. you can't win against me, at best you can force me to use Mokuton and Rinnengan, but then you will die. So only what awaits fo you is death.
5 Kages: You, finished your speech. Let's fight then
Madara: As you wish
The scene shows 5 Kages moving to create strategy formation.
A: I will attack first!
A disappear in second only to appear in front of Madara, who is inside Susanoo. A use elblow to hit Sussano with full force. Sussano isn't cracking even a little.
Madara: you are ineffective. Now my turn
Madara EMS in both eyes begin to glowing.
Madara: Kamui!
A is enveloped with barrier space. In center of barrier is creating black hole, which begin to pulling A inside. A escape it in time moving to fast to being drawn in another dimenssion.
10 seconds later Tsunade is falling from sky to punch Sussano from uppward
Tsunade punch Sussano with full force. Sussano is not cracking again
Madara is looking up at Tsunade with EMS in left eye glowing.
Madara: Tsyukomii!
Tsunade: Shit!
Madara use Sussano hands to catch Tsunade.
Madara: It is your end Hokage!
Gaara use Sand to catch Tsunade , who is kept by Sussano hands. Gaara uses sand to force Sussano hands to release Sussano, but Gaara only can stretch Sussano hands as far from Sussano body as possible.Tsunade is still kept by Sussano hands. Mei appears behind Sussano and use Boil Release try to melt Sussano. However she only can cover close area with fog. As Madara vision is limited.
Oonoki: Dust Release !!
As Oonoki will shot sphere from dust at Sussano. It hit Sussano in begining arm. cutting arm which kept Tsunade. Gaara use Sand to catch Tsunade and bring her to him.
Madara: Impressive, Let's continue
Madara is looking straight into Tsuchikage eyes.
Oonoki: No way!
Madara: Kotoamatsukami!
Gaara: Shit
Gaara is trying to wake up Tsunade, who is trapped inside Tsyukomii.
A:I will stop Tsuchikage. Mizukage, Kazekage protect Hokage.
A disappear imadieatly and second later he appear behind Tsuchikage. He catches Onooki hands in block, making him unable to use Dust release.
Mei is running at Onooki and A direction. She put her arm on his forehead.
A: Mizukage what are you trying to do?, hurry up and do something
Mei: Calm down Raikage. I will try to release him from this genjutsu
Mei: Shit , I can't release him, this is impossible to break this genjutsu.
Madara: So you are weak against Genjutsu. For your luck I want to fight with you little more.
Suddenly Tsunade and Onooki are relased.
Tsunade: My head..., He tortured me really hard, but didn't kill, but why?!, he could....
Onooki: What in the hell just happened?!
Madara: I released my genjutsu on both of you, Onooki and Tsunade.
Gaara: But , why?!, you don't want to kill us?!
A: Why are you fighting against us then?
Mei: Explain us.
Madara: Tsh..., It easy to understand. I want to fight more with you, and torture you until I will bored fight, and decide to kill you.
Onooki jump on A back and use Technique which decrease Raikage weight, Making him faster. Raikage use Raiton shroud v2. His hairs stand up.
Madara: Amaterasu!
A appear and disappear catchinng rest kages, rescuing them all from black flames. Which appear in less than one second later where Kages were.
Madara: Interesting, So abilities as: speed, close fighter - Raikage, strentgh, close fighter - Hokage, intelligence, medium range attack - Mizukage, will and power long range attack - Tsuchikage, agility, long range attack - Kazekage.
All of you support each other. making you complete and perfect, maybe.
4 Kages: And you are monster, you are complete but not perfect.
Onooki: Tell me, what is difference between MS and EMS?, I wonder.
Madara: Ok, I will tell you. EMS protect you from any side effects appearing with using MS techniques. Every MS has own unique jutsu, besides Sussano which appears with using both MS eyes. EMS allows user to use all existing MS jutsu. All including uniques ones, however you don't get these techiniques from activation EMS. You have to train and practice these eyes to develop them. EMS give you one special technique more, which is unique for every user, but I was only one. So I didn't know it, if it is true or no. EMS limits chakra drain to minimum, obviously only while using sharingan releated techniques. Last thing is, it allow you to develop your sussano to 4th level.
5 Kages: 4th level?!
Madara: Maybe you will force me to use it.
4 Kages : Scary!
Onooki: Now I will uderstand. I wonder how Hashirama could keep up with you, even better defeat you and come back alive.
Madara: Enough of Talking, you begin to bore me. So fight!
The scene shows 5 Kages taking battle stances.
Madara: I will show you perfect Sussano in action.
Sussano will take deep breath and blow Amaterasu from mouth.
5 Kages are jumping back. Madara laughs
Madara: Already scared. But it is only warmup. For my perfect Sussano
5 Kages: Warm up..., you are joking
Sussano will materialize swords in his both right hands and strange barrier in shape of shield kept by two left hands. On Sussano neck materialize necklace with corals.
Madara: Now do our best, or die horibly!
Sussano stretching sword to attack 5 Kages, end of Sword disappear in portal, then suddenly end of sword appear from another portal which appear under 5 Kages.
Onooki use decreasing of weight technique on Kages and lift them with himself flying in sky avoiding comming sword from under them in last second.
Madara thinking: tsh..., again Onooki.
Onooki thinking: it is bad, I am almost out of chakra. I can't carry them while flying.
Madara: Sussano is visualization of mind of Mangenkyou user. My mind was created in times of war. My mind is about death. This is why my Sussano perfect form reminds Shinigami.
Madara: look at corals which are on necklace. Every coral conatain quanity of victim life force. My Sussano breath death wind at 5m range around me.
It will weaken you if you only be in range.
Gaara: we are doomed..
Mei: It is End...
A: It is nightmare.
Tsunade: terryfing...
Onooki: Indeed scarying of power.
Onooki looks sad and closing eyes.
Onooki thinking: I wish we dont have to use our last cards.

Onooki: Don't lost your hope and will to fight. Now He will be forced to fight against not only us but our predecessors too. Power and abillities which are gathered by all Kages with us included.
Gaara: I don't understand.
Mei: I heard something about it.
Raikage: Are you sure Onooki?!
Tsunade: It is only our choice.
Onooki: Yes, , exactly
Madara: Don't give yet. What are talking about?!
Onooki: You will see. You aren't aware of it, so you can't use it. You are aware of it. However both of you are part of young generation. if you didn't need to use this, don't use this, ok?
A: I will use. I will protect army and young generation, besides it is last chance to stop Madara.
Tsunade: I agree with A, I will sacrifice myself too.
Onooki, Tsunade, A: Sumonning no jutsu: Forbidden scroll of centuries!
The scene shows scrolls which appear under hand of Onooki, Tsunade and A.
Onooki: Do you know why ddin't we use this from beginning?
Madara: No clue, it is your problem
Onooki: True, but it isn't reason. Condition which allow us Kages to use these scrolls of forbidden techniques is danger of World itself. In other words it can by used only to protects world. It can't be used by us against each other in times of war for example. Price for this power is death.
Madara: Interesting, then you will only accelerate time of comming your death. Show me, these powers.
Mei and Garaa looks with amazement and fear, as Onooki, Tsunade and A do few handsigns which make scroll open.
Onooki, A, Tsunade: To protect this world, we need you your power. Release!
Madara: I see , spell and handsigns can only open these scrolls.
The scene shows cloud of dust, which cover 5 Kages. As cloud of dust disappear. Onooki, Tsunade and A are visible again. No physical change of appearance.
Madara: you are looking same as before. So you were joking, pathetic.
Onooki: You will see Madara. Now I Have all power and abilities first Tsuchikage and Second Tsuchikage(Muu).
A : Onooki is right. I can feel all power and abilities from first Raikage to my father.
Tsunade: Now we will show our will. I have power and abilities from First Hokage, Hashirama Senjuu to Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze.
Madara: So Finally you are challenge for me. Now I will crush you with these your powers with my Sussano perfect form.

What will happen next, if you want to find out. Read continuation which will come soon.

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