Naruto 589 Prediction: I am Naruto

Naruto 589 Prediction: I am Naruto

Naruto is holding his hands in the jutsu position, “it’s time you had a taste of real power Tobi or whoever you are! True power, the power of will and determination!”

Tobi looks at him thinks about everything he has done with Naruto, form facing him in the woods to talking to him in the land of Iron and then this battle up til now.

He thinks to him self while watching Naruto talk to him from a distance, { This kid, he is generations under me, yet he is as confident in this battle, in this war, as if it were training. He has gone through everything thrown at him up to this point in time. Kabuto raised Madara and Naruto even faced him, no wait from what I understand his CLONE faced him. Who is to say what this child would have done personally against the legendary Uchiha Leader.}

He looks at Kakashi.

{This one, we share a connection that he doesn’t even realize. He is next in line as Hokage no doubt, I can tell that by his legend, his Copy ninja stories reach all corners of the ninja world. If he were to live and everything were to go back to the way it was he no doubt would pass it to Naruto eventually.}

He looks back at Naruto still talking to him, but Tobdara is still not focusing on his words.

{Well, it seems it is time for me to play my part in this, to the fullest. No more playing around, this after all is not the actual plan.}


Madara is alive but aged, he is standing with his war fan propped as a staff. There is a figure in the shadows.

Madara, “ I don’t have much longer so you do understand the plan, don’t you?”

The figure steps out a little but not enough to see, “yes I do Madara -Sama, You want me to attack the Jinchuriki of the Leaf to obtain the nine tailed fox, the rightful property of the Uchiha Clan.”

Madara, “ Yes eventually Mito Uzumaki will get weak, she is my age but she is also an Uzumaki, they live a very long time, maintaining their strength through out their lives, until they pass. If something happens that this 3rd Hokage gets wise take him out. Can you do that?”

The figure walks out of the shadows, “He is strong but young, I have no problem facing anyone that stands in the way of our plans.”

Madara, “I hear you have a son, Fugaku, is it? Train him well, he may one day be your replacement.

Years later, we see an older version of the stranger Uchiha speaking with a young Fugaku.

We see flashes of meeting between the two as he ages and then a meeting with the stranger as Madara meeting with Itachi. We see them recover the body of Obito and also the removing, healing and implanting his Sharinghan into the Father.

We see the Uchiha massacre take place and the elder Uchiha stranger taking part in it, he is speaking with Fugaku and his wife moments before Itachi enters.

Fugaku, “you sure this will work, this is a tremendous sacrifice Father”

Father Uchiha, “yes, the reason we didn’t allow me to meet Itachi is so he wouldn’t recognize my chakra as I posed as Senpai Madara. After this we will go forth with the plan to collect enough Sharinghans to take us where we want to be. You did great taking the clan away before the nine tails attack, the suspicions were raised.”

Fugaku, “well, when this is over tell Sasuke, that, I am proud of him. Please watch after Itachi, I fear he is troubled, I know this will probably push him over the edge.”

Father Uchiha, “trust me both of your sons are going to be very involved with each other and my plans.” He looks over his shoulder. “I must go, prepare yourself.”

Itachi walks in as soon as Tobdara(father) disappears.

“father, mother I am sorry but this must be done.”

Present time.

Naruto, “Hey! You do you hear me?! This war is over for you, because I …”

Tobi, “shut up.”

Naruto looks at him, so does Kakashi, and Lee.

Tobi, “it is time you learned something Naruto Uzumaki, son of Minato student of Jaraiya, friend of Sasuke Uchiha.”

Naruto frowns a little and balls his fist.

Tobi, “it’s time you learned the real world you can’t save every one and turn everyone into your friend. Stop crying to everyone about peace, love, and comrades. This is the ninja world, people die you little child!”

He takes his mask off and jumps off the statue as he descends he warps right in front of them, by just a few feet.

He throws the mask to the ground revealing scars on his face and an aged figure. His left eye is just like Kakashi’s(MS).

Naruto, “your right.”

Kakashi looks at him, “Naruto?”

Tobi, “tell me, what am I right about child?”

Naruto, “I need to grow up, I have. I know the answer to lasting peace.”

He does a hand sign.

Tobi, {what? How does he know that?”

Naruto, “Sage of 6 Paths technique: six paths summoning!”

Suddenly, 6 clones of Naruto appear, they are all dressed differently but with same color scheme.

Naruto, “in order for there to be peace there has to be people willing to fight and destroy people like you. I look for the good in people, if it is there I find it. If not, then they will feel my power, Naruto Uzumaki of the Leaf Village Ninja of the Shinobi Alliance!”

Suddenly Tobi is right on top of Naruto and his clones when, “Shenrei Tensei!”

One of the clones pushes Tobi yards away then Naruto and a clone are waiting for him when he is about to land. A Clone grabs Tobi and is absorbing his warp juts.

Tobi, “how? You don’t have the Rinnengan?! These are Doujutsu abilities of the Rikudo!”

Naruto’ well those names you don’t know also gave me knowledge, the thing is ther are three ways to perform jutsu, hand signs, seals and the third and most rare is with special eyes. We Uzumaki are masters at seals, the Senju were masters at hand signs and the Uchiha have the eyes. Bottom line is…”
He throws in the sky then, “I can do everything you can, with the Rinnengan!”

Tobdara, {he truly is gifted, I fear Sasuke you will lose if you so fought Naruto, I must not let that happen.} He performs hand signs and the statue begins to attack Kakashi and Lee, with Bee blocking in Bijuu mode.

Naruto looks at Tobi, “ for what it is worth, I didn’t want it this way.”

Naruto clone appears behind Tobdara and grabs his head.

Tobdara, “this, this is..”

Naruto, “yes after I know everything you know you will die.”

Naruto walks away, within moments we see his eyes change and a view of Tobdara’s hand fall lifeless to the ground.

He changes to a look of determination, “Captain Yamato.”

We see the Clones in the back ground taking down the Statue.

Scene change to the underground, seeing the root with Yamato in it, we see Yamato up close.

Yamato, “Naruto…have to…keep him safe…”

Next: “Save him.”


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