Naruto 589 Prediction - Better Than Ever

Naruto 589 Prediction: Better Than Ever


Madara's Giant Susanooh forms fully. It looks like a Garuda.

Gaara: What is that monster? It's bigger than the Ichibi

A: Hell it's even bigger than the Hachibi!

Tsunade: Or the Kyuubi according to the reports.

Mei: And its legs are not even formed yet.

Onoki: I can't believe this...

Madara: I hope you Kages aren't out of energy yet. You'll now see the Uchiha Madara that Hashirama Senju fought. But since now it's a bit different because now that I have Senju Hashirama's cells and this convenient ET regeneration, expect a lot more feats from me than what you have heard of me from your elders.

It forms seven giant chakra orbs surrounding his Giant Susanooh.

Madara shouts "Shichi Fukujin!" He continues. "Shichi Fukujin First Deity: Hotei"

The first orb activates and suddenly energy around is being absorbed

A: Agggh I feel my chakra is being flayed thick layer by thick layer

Tsunade: He's absorbing our large amounts of our chakra in a very fast pace. What is this phenomenon... it's absorbing all energies around the battlefield. The rocks are crumbling and his own trees are dying...

Onoki: My chakras!

A: Old man!

Tsunade: Don't worry, hide Mei and Gaara far enough from here. I'll back up old Onoki.

Madara: As expected the Raikage and Hokage will be the ones to resist this jutsu. Okay... now to test the next orb. Shichi Fukujin Second Deity: Jurojin!

The orb enabled Madara to sense the whole battlefield up to 50 kilometer radius. He senses the three Kages hiding. He also senses Tobi vs Naruto... and Kabuto vs Itachi and Sauce.

Madara: I sense the NineTails and four Sharingan users. The two Sharingan users with complete eyes are arguing it seems, based on the energies their souls emit. The other two... I expect one of them to be HIM battling the NineTails jinchuriki. BTW it looks like the summoner of Edo Tensei is now neutralized. I am in control now...

Onoki: What? He already knows where they are? And Sasuke and Itachi?

Tsunade: I think Itachi is attempting to stop Edo Tensei...

Madara: What??? Not now... I'm enjoying the war too much. Looks like there are much more important priorities than you now, my little playmates. Change of plans... I need to go where the summoner is and stop the Sharingan users from undoing Edo Tensei.

Madara's Susanooh flies away with its huge wings. It flies fast...

Tsunade and the other Kages are off the hook unexpectedly.

Sasuke and Itachi talks.

Itachi tells Sasuke how to end Edo Tensei. Blah blah blah. But before Itachi makes Kabuto unsummon ET, Sasuke talks.

Sasuke: So basically you just want me to go back to Konoha, forgive them, and join them in battle again to defeat Tobi right?

Itachi: Yes... I'm glad now you understand.

Sasuke: Alright... if this is what you really want. I can't believe this. Konoha is really that important to you huh.

Itachi: Yes up to this point I won't let my sacrifice for Konoha to be in vain.

Sasuke: If I join Naruto and company, again. What will happen to me? How can I be of any help? They hate me there...

Itachi: Naruto will redeem you... don't worry. He promised me. I believe him...

Sasuke: Alright... I will join their ranks and help them end this war. Only because this is your last will. They're lucky you love them too much.

Itachi: Yes... but before I go, I will give you these as a token. For all the hardships I put you through.

Itachi summons a scroll. Itachi puts his hand on the unrolled scroll and markings crawl on it from Itachi's eyes. Two artifacts get summoned from the scroll.

Sasuke: A wine bottle and a hand mirror?

Itachi: The Totsuka sword and the Yata Mirror... you will need it once you battle Tobi.

The items are stored back into the scroll's markings.

Itachi: Sasuke put your hand on this part.

Sasuke puts his hand on this part then the markings crawl to Sasuke's body and into his eyes.

Itachi: I hope you use it well once you join Naruto again. Sasuke, you made the right choice on joining Naruto.

Sasuke: Wait do you feel that? There's something of strong and massive chakra approaching us... what's that?

Itachi: This chakra... this strength and amount... as if reminiscent of Nagato in full power... no this is more powerful... Sasuke prepar-

Itachi gets grabbed by a full-form Susanoo hard... Itachi is choking.

Itachi: What!!!??? Nooo.... Sasuke... you bastard.

Sasuke: You miserable son of a bitch. You made my life a living hell so that those Konoha chumps can wake up everyday with a smile on their faces. You really hated our clan, you self-hating bastard?

Itachi: You... I shouldn't have believed in you! Amaterasu!

Sasuke: Kaguzuchi!

Sasuke deflects Itachi's black flames.

Sasuke: Hahaha you betcha you shouldn't have believed in me. A liar should distinguish another liar, you bastard. You better tell me the truth or I just have you sealed inside this sword and will just kill Kabuto once and for all. Let the world suffer Madara's wrath. They can fuck themselves.

Itachi: You... son of a bitch. Okay for one last time I will tell you this... I am not perfect, I am not your hero, Sasuke. The Uchiha are innocent of all accusations... they were not planning a coup... though I didn't kill them all on my own. The masked man Tobi and Danzo helped me kill them... I wanted the clan dead for personal reasons.


Susanooh's grip tightens, choking Itachi more.

Itachi: I am different from our clan, Sasuke. I am a Senju in an Uchiha body. The Uchiha does stuff that I can't even stomach. Even without the massacre, the Uchiha still pose a great threat to themselves and to the village. They are killing each other for power. People fear the Uchiha too much.

Sasuke: Shut it...

Itachi:The Uchiha are destined to end themselves, and I don't want Konoha to be dragged with them. You see Sasuke, in the blueprint for making peace, the Uchiha are the biggest bug. The Uchiha is the bug that should be removed

Sasuke: Senju, huh? You deserve be tortured, Itachi...

Itachi: You changed my viewpoint, Sasuke. For once I actually believed that there's still hope for the Uchiha to become the saviors of Konoha. You were that savior, Sasuke. But I realized that what I have done only turned you into a maniacal murderer.

Sasuke: So that's why you mindfucked me, let Tobi manipulate me, let the 5 Shinobi nations hunt me? You never had hope in me Itachi. You had your money on Naruto.

Itachi: I knew I could never change things. I am hoping Naruto would change your mind. I am desparate. I don't want to tell you this so that you would forgive Konoha and hate me instead. I started everything... I fucked up everything. Shisui died because of me. I am the worst. Are you happy now Sasuke?

Sasuke: Better than ever

Sasuke smiles with a maniacal rapist look

Sasuke stabs Itachi with Totsuka and seals him completely.

Sasuke: Don't worry, Itachi. Your Konoha will follow you soon inside this sword. And a word of advice. Don't try to act like some god who judges people's existence. There are some things you should not really tamper with.

Sasuke proceeds to seal Kabuto inside the Totsuka but suddenly...


Sasuke's surprised!

Madara: You kid from my clan, what are you planning to do there?

Scene switches to two panels featuring Tobi, with Killer Bee with no shades on Tobis shoulders, without an arm.

Tobi: Do you know what The Curse of Hatred really is? The Curse of Hatred is this: An Uchiha will be hated before from before birth and up to after death Why? Because he is Uchiha. The Senju believed that the Uchiha are inherently evil and should be eliminated from this world. Now the Uchiha, tired of all the prejudice, used this hatred people are feeding them to strengthen themselves. The hatred the Uchiha have empowers themselves but YOUR HATRED for the Uchihas powers us tenfold!


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