Naruto 588 spoilers discussion predictions 589

Naruto 588 spoilers discussion predictions 589 



Some of the reply to this video:

I hate that sasuke is still being stubborn..But if itachi's plan work madara if finish 
Edo Madara will disappear right before a critical hit at the kages, no doubt there.
HUGE FAIL for me: Kabuto will release the edo tensei and Madara, Itachi etc will disappear. Then why didnt Kabuto summoned back just Itachi if it was so easy to get rid of him? He cant control his actions but can end the edo Itachi?
Looks for me also that the perfect susano can only be achieved by those who had the sharingan evolving to rinnegan or else Pain would had it also, but it's just a theory.
Good review.

I think tsunade and the lil old kage gonna die cuz they the only 2 that's using up most of there charkas maybe naruto will be appointed to kage and look just like his father at his fight with sasuke at the waterfall of the 2 statues....that's what I think

- Itach learned the Edo tensei stop seal
- Itachi is gonna end Edo Tensei and gets back to the dead world.
- One or many of the kages would certainly die just before Edo tensei stops
- we won't be able to see Ultimate Susano for long. just one strike.
- The war is almost over.
I wonder how Rikkudo sennin was and the strength he had. Soon we will see Naruto with some of Rikkudo sennin power.

I am afraid someone from the kages would die before Edo madara fades away!

He is, but keep in mind that his power now is way too much enhanced compared to when he fought the first hokage.
Before he didnt had rinnegan, nor wood element and he wasnt immortal. Without that he would be easely beaten by the kages.

He got the rinnegan own his own right before his death next level after EMS, not because of the first hokega powers. Uhiha Madara was "The strongest Uchiha ever to come out of his clan". With just Madara own powers himself will kick all of their asses. He's just showing them what he went against when he fought the 1st hokage.

I didnt say that he wasnt the strongest uchiha, i just said that if it was the five kages versus Madara with the powers he had when he fought the first hokage, he would be obliterated... my opinion.
Have you considered that it's because of the awakening of the rinnegan that he died? he didnt had the senju DNA needed to support that eye?
Madara"i awakened these eyes shortly before my death"
Kabuto"You have been completed beyond what you were in your prime"


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