Hatake Kakashi Wallpaper

Hatake Kakashi Wallpaper
Kakashi is characterized with glazed eyes, white hair, covered her left eye Konoha head protector, and always carry a book adult novel "Icha-Icha Paradise" is a work of Jiraiya. According to Sakura, Kakashi is always a straight face that he was not eager to have no authority. but strangely there is a supervisor who liked it chuunin exams, Anko is Mitarashi.
This unique Kakashi is the mouth and nose, which was never shown. The most annoying behavior for Naruto and his friends is a rare habit Kakashi arrive on time (late 3 hours to 12 hours) with a silly excuse like "I got lost on the road called life," or "Down the road I met an old woman,".
Behind it all, he has a bitter past. He was also good at stringing words. One of the most memorable phrase is: "ninja who violate the rules are called trash, but that does not take his ninja lower than trash." He often said this as he was by his friends who died in the mission, Obito Uchiha. Previously, he was the person who attach great importance to the rule.
Kakasi sharingan given by Obito Hatake Uciha, the friend in the group. He was nicknamed "Sharingan no Kakashi" and "Copy Ninja Kakashi" for its ability to mimic the moves of others with his sharingan.Ability
Kakashi is known as a copycat ninja (ninja copy). This capability is a sharingan in his left eye. Eye movement can be read up to three seconds before the incident. Can also be a media Doujutsu or jutsu uses the Sharingan eye. Kakashi said to mimic the 1000 tactics the enemy with this ability.
He also has the ability to manipulate chakra. For example, by gathering chakra in his hand, he was able to make small drain his chakra shaped like lightning to strike enemies. This technique is commonly called the Chidori or Raikiri. Chidori means "bird chirp in 1000", because it sounds generated by this jutsu similar to chirp like a bird (often written with the words "bzzt .. chip .. chip .."). While raikiri means cutting lightning, because supposedly Kakashi is able to cut lightning with this jutsu.
Now Kakashi has accelerated the use of seals jutsunya. For example, when he wore a Suiton jutsu: Suiryuudan no Jutsu which require 42 seals jutsu in fact, he only used it with a time of 4 seconds.
Later, he also managed to activate the Mangekyou Sharingan (the power of high-level eyeball can move things from the beginning to the final dimensions dimensions), who used to throw hand and explosion jutsu Deidara Deidara to another world.
Kakashi can also use any type of chakra element, namely the Land (Doton), Water (Suiton), Wind (Fuuton), Fire (Katon) and the element Lightning (Raiton). He was also able to use Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and he also has the ability to seal (Seal of Knowledge). Kakashi is the Konohagakure Jounin best.

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