Yesterday a video tape, now a DVD

Watching the new version of Hunter x Hunter anime series (which has been airing since October 2011) often makes me want to rewatch parts of the first anime series from 1999 for comparison. Seeing Wing-san holding what appears to be a DVD (or even a Blu-ray disc) in 2012 then him holding a video tape back in 1999 reminds me how much things have changed these days, even from these little details.

I remember watching the first anime series of Hunter x Hunter back in 1999, and while it didn't feel that long ago in my memories, it in fact has been more than 10 years ago already.

Time sure flies, and technology is a clear tell-tale sign of how much things have changed over the years, as they are some of the distinctive aspects that move on the most. Sometimes I wonder, if we are to look back at today's anime in, say, 10 or 20 years' time, will we find a lot of objects or aspects a little odd or out of place?

That's something interesting to think about there.

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