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Naruto 588 - Frightining revelation

There is huge explosion as ligtining hit Kabuto. Huge cloud of smoke was created from impact.
Sasuke thinking: He should be dead, but I make sure.
Sasuke is walking in direction where Kabuto was hit by lightining.
As smoke clear, Sasuke face expresion changes from normal to schocked.
Kabuto is there protected by visible white barrier. He is inside barrier.

Kabuto smirking: It was really good Sasuke-kun, I was scared a little.
The scene shows Lightining which appear frequently on barrier. After moment Kabuto hit his two hands in earth and then all ligthining going to ground and disappearing.
Sasuke still schocked: What did you do, Kabuto?!
Kabuto: Ku ku, Senin mode allows user to control nature energy, but this is only first step. Second step is control nature forces.
Sasuke is calm: Impossible...
Kabuto: It is true, I created barrier with my sage chakra, which is invisible even for sharingan users. At the moment ligtining hit this barrier. it become visible and absorbed
ligtining power. Last I directed all lightining force in earth by hit earth with my both hand.
Sasuke: Thanks for good explanation. I will use it to discover your weakness.
Kabuto: There is no weakness, Sasuke-kun.
I will stay in this barrier until sky clear, now sky is till dark so you can use your technique again. Am I right?
Sasuke: Shit, so you know.
Sasuke thinking: But I have plan.
Sasuke uses again chidori to direct Kirin at Kabuto, but in the same time blood is dropping down form his right eye. Kabuto didn't notice because he in concentrated on lightining.
Sasuke: Now!, Amaterasu!
Invisible barrier is hit by black flames, which burn intensively.
Kabuto: you suprised me Sasuke-kun, but I can simply disactivate barrier and black flames fall on ground.
Sasuke: try your luck, Enton: Kagatsuchi!
Blacke flames take shape and come inside barrier to pierce Kabuto
Kabuto: Nature barrier: Stretching!
Nature barrier begin to stretch until Kabuto is out of range black flames needles.
Kabuto laughing: Great idea Sasuke-kun , but it didn't working again.
Sasuke: laugh as much as you want. You are snake transformed in dragon, but for me still snake. Snake doesn't like hot temperature. In other words You can't be too long inside barrier, because you will be boiled or fried.
Kabuto face expression changes from laughing to nervous. Finally Kabuto disactivate nature barrier. Second later.
Sasuke: Kirin: Multi lightining devestation!
Kabuto is hit by many lightinings. Explosion create huge impact and creat huge could of smoke, which is few times bigger than last Kirin created. Sky begin to clear until is blue again.
Sasuke thinking: Got him finally.
Scene shows smoke dissappear and then we see Kabuto lightly injured but eletrcity paralyze his body.
Kabuto covering his one eye with hand: So much force was put in this attack, it was really dangerous for me even in with Orochimaru and Karin healing and regenaration abilities. But thanks to sage mode I am almost not injured.
Kabuto looking at Sasuke with dragon eye: But you will pay for that. You injured my pride!
Kabuto can't still move , because electricty stop his movement
Sasuke: shit, what a monster!
Sasuke thinking: It is good, I assumed even if he surivive Kirin. He would be paralzyed.
Kabuto thinking: Shit!, he knew this attack deosn't harm me, so he used it to paralyze me.
Sasuke activate Sussano full form. Sasuke use bow and shot arrow imbuded by electricty at Kabuto.
Kabuto: ?!, Kabuto thinking: Shit, I can't take off this skin and escape, I still can't control my body.
Kabuto is hit by Sussano arrow but regenerate from attack. Suddenly Kabuto is paralyzed even more.
Kabuto thinking : Shit! he is Sussano arrow to get oportunity to paralyze me even more from inside. First he pierce me with arrow, then enetr electricty to my body, damn you!
Sasuke activate then his armored Sussano, and use Amaterasu gun to shot all time black flames at Kabuto.
Kabuto:?! Kabuto thinking: Almost I have restored my control I should vomit himself now.
As Kabuto try to vomit himself, black flames cover his mouth.
Kabuto: Shit, I can't escape!
Sasuke disactivate Sussano.
Sasuke: You said last time important thing for me. When you used Sage art: Muki Tensei, you told that Amaterasu block this technique in some way. I remembered this and used Amaterasu on you, when you can't move your body. I assumed that you can't gather your nature energy and form sage chakra because at first Amatersu force you to use regenration with sage chakra. Second your all cells are damaged. So Jyuugo abbility doesn't work anymore. You can't absorb nature chakra anymore, Am I right?
Kabuto: Bastard!, shit I can't gather nature chakra, at this rate I will lost sage mode in short time.
Kabuto thinking: If I only use Genjutsu of five senses now, he would be mine!
Sasuke walking with Sussano activate in Kabuto direction until he is close to him. Kabuto is out of Sage mode.
Kabuto: NOW!!
Kabuto grow bigger and bigger becoming hydra. As he grow Black flames uncover his mouth. He then vomiting himself outside.
Sasuke: Now way, he escaped after all.
Kabuto: he, ha...,
Kabuto summon Manda v2 and come inside.
Sasuke: He try to escape, I don't let you. Entral Mangenkyu sharingan: Total control!
As Kabuto try to unsummon Manda v2 with himself inside, but Manda v2 vomit Kabuto outside.
As Kabuto stand up he notice Manda eye is sharingan.
Kabuto: So it was controlled, Sasuke, I will win this!
Sasuke order Manda v2 to attack Kabuto, Kabuto unsummon Manda v2 in time.
Sasuke: You lose Kabuto, You lost your best jutsu :Sage mode, your summon and now you are weak.
Kabuto: Now I still have plenty abbilities to use.
Sasuke: So for what you wait?
Kabuto thinking: My chakra is not enough to use these all abilities.
Sasuke activate full Sussano. Sasuke use bow to shot arrow at Kabuto.
Kabuto: Sanjuu Rashoumon!
The three shields protect him from attack.
Sasuke smirking: You can't avoid my arrow anymore you was forced to use these Orochimaru shields.
Kabuto: Don't understimate me!
Kabuto thinking: he is right, I don't have enough chakra left to win probably besides my snakes technique are ineffective against Sasuke. Summoning Manda costed me much chakra. Shit!
Kabuto: It is true I am almost out of chakra, bo you are low at chakra too.
Sasuke: yes I have only half of my chakra left. But it is enough to finish you.
Sasuke walks to Kabuto.
Kabuto: No!, Impure Word Ressurection!
Nothing happen.
Kabuto: What?!, Why I can't summon them again!
Sasuke: Becuase my brother Itachi decided with Izanami that you won't be able to summon dead people anymore. He decided too that you will die at my hands!
Kabuto eyes are widden with schock.
Kabuto: I curse you Itachi to hell, and your Izanami!!!
As Sasuke is close to Kabuto, Kabuto use snakes arms, or other snakes technique to capture Sasuke with desperation. Sasuke cut everything with his Amaterasu sword. Finally Sasuke stand before Kabuto and catch him with Sussano hand. Sussano is full skeleton form<1 form>.
Kabuto: I wonder if Edo Tensei is really out of my range or one of them is still there.
Sasuke: No, Edo Tensei is out of your ranges, and ther are unsummoned. Itachi win and you failed. Same as I surivive and you will die.
Sasuke: Now it is your end Kabuto, you will suffer in reality and in imaginaton word at the same time. Any last wish?
Kabuto:Yes, help me find out my identfy.
Sasuke: There is now way to find it in this world, but I promise you that you will get what you want in next world!
Sasuke: Amaterasu!!, Tsyukomii!
Kabuto suffer from black flames in real world, which burn him and make him shouting from pain. In Tsyukomii world his mind is raped and raped.
Kabuto thinking: I wonder, if I really failed or I left something which I can be proud of.
Suddenly Kabuto saw glimpse of Uchiha Madara standing before almost dead Kages.
Kabuto smilling: Itachi you failed, and I win, because my Edo summons are part of me.
Finally Sasuke release him from Tsyukomii and Kabuto body burn completly.
Sasuke: Finally, this is end of Kabuto. No more Edo Tensei brother, we win.< smilling >

Scene switches to 5 kages and Madara Uchiha, Yes Madara, he is not Edo anymore!
Madara thinking: So Kabuto, edo tensei user tried to unsummon me. I will kill him later.
I had to use Gedo Rinne Tensei combined with Izanami on myself. But it worked well.
Kages standing up, and Madara look at them with bored expresion on his face.
Raikage thinking: Even in my worst nigthmare I can't imagine he would be that powerfull!
Tsuchikage thinking: He is monster, and we can't beat him in normal way, even as alive.
Mizukage thinking: That handesome and powerfull man, I would love him, if he was on our side. I have to stop him, my personal feelings doesn't matter.
Kazekage thinking: Uchiha and born as Warrior in times of War. He is dangerous.
Hokage thinking: There is no way, my grandfather fought him and won.
Madara: I am not edo tenesi, I am live so I have bad news for you 5 kages. I am bored fight with you. Now playtime is over. I will kill you and you will rest in peace.
5 Kages: We will see. Maybe tomorrow there will be no kages anymore, but today we will stop you even at cost of our life.
Raikage: Kinjutsu: black lightining shroud of heaven!
Tsuchikage: Kinjutsu: Dust armor of devestation!
Mizukage: Kinjutsu: Lava armor from hell!
Kazekage: Kinjutsu: Iron Sand of Ceremony death!
Hokage: Sage mode: Snail transformation!
Madara: Impressive.
The scene shows Raikage who's all body is black ligtining in shape of Raikage body.
Tsuchikage in covered by dust in shape of his body, Mizukage is covered by lava in shape of her body. Kazekage is covered by Iron Sand in his shape. Hokage is in sage mode. She has two antennas on his head and she is covered by little acid, which move on her body. They are all determined and look at Madara who stand above on cliff.

Madara: Let's if your power and determination be enough to stop me.
Madara close his eyes. and open them with Rinnengan activated.
5 kages: We will win because there is last stand of 5 Kages.

What will happen next? 

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