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Naruto 588: Harvest moon

chapter opens with all kages on the ground defeated, tsunade trying to stand up looking wounded and confused, we cant say if the madara bunshins are still around or not.

next painel, we see the full moon, and madara's silloutte, his hair moved by the wind, and his rinnegan gleaming in the dark

we cut back to itachi, sasuke and kabuto.

Itachi: ...i hope that its not too late...

Sasuke looks at the entrance of the cave: its pretty dark now...and i cant listen to thunder storm anymore...

Itachi: we took some time here, its night already...time to finish this.

We see kabuto running inside the izanami, he suddenly hears a voice:

"its past 9 already, you should -"

kabuto stops and looks back surprised, but he sees nothing. Itachi is not there anymore too.


we suddenly see mother, kabuto looks surprised. She walks to him and gets pretty close, and pats his head, in a similar gesture to what itachi did.

Kabuto just stares at her sad and crying.

"its past 9 already dear, you should..."

Kabuto: go to bed...?

Mother smiles.

"No should wake up."

Kabuto suddenly falls on the ground in the real world, surprised. Itachi and Sasuke look at him, Sasuke is surprised, Itachi smiling.

Kabuto: What was that...

Itachi: you finally found yourself again...

Kabuto: ...

Itachi: now...lets end this, kabuto...finish the edo tensei...

Itachi has his eyes in kabuto's eyes, the MS left activated.

Kabuto: yes...i will stop...the edo tensei...

Sasuke suddenly looks at the entrance of the cavern, feeling like someone is around

Sasuke: Itachi!

Itachi: hold on, Sasuke...

Kabuto rises his hands, about to finish the jutsu, while Itachi is looking at him.

Itachi: !!!

we see a three parts spread of madara cutting kabuto's head out, and Sasuke and Itachi staring in disbelief.

Madara: how dare you use this dirty senju jutsu to revive me...

Madara rises his head and glares at Itachi and Sasuke, standing with a badass pose.

Madara: What are you looking at? Oh...mangekyou think that i would find people of my clan trying to deactivate me...

Scene changes to tobi vs naruto and the others.

Tobi is standing looking down at everybody. Naruto is on the ground, looking livid. Kakashi and Gai are also defeated, and Bee is nowhere to be seen.

Zetsu appears close to Tobi: Madara! Madara has killed Kabuto! Itachi and Sasuke were about to finish edo tensei, and he showed up!

Tobi: !!! Sasuke is!?

Naruto: !!

Zetsu: Long story! I explain you later! First you must go there, right now Madara is alone with them, things can get ugly!

Tobi: I have done what i had to do here...

Everyone is silent.

Tobi advances to the ground, he unsummons the gedo mazou.

Naruto clenchs his teeth.

Tobi: All of you, be ready...this will be a long night! The time has finally come, for the eye of the moon plan!

Tobi turns, but before going, he side looks Naruto.

Tobi: I am going to bring your friend for you, be ready to fight to death.

Naruto: !!

Chapter ends with Naruto staring in disbelief.


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