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Naruto 587: Izanami revealed

Itachi stands with his arm outstretched. His hand planted onto Kabuto’s head. Sasuke stands behind Itachi with a confused look on his face.

Sasuke:… The jutsu that can decide destiny? I don’t get it itachi, what just happened?
Itachi: the forbidden jutsu Izanami can be said to be the ultimate genjutsu technique. It has no parallel in the world when it comes to genjutsu techniques though due to its costs it would be classed inferior to the sword of Totsuka.
Sasuke: Costs?
Itachi: in the clan of the Uchiha’s only one rule was ever set down by Uchiha Madarra to class a jutsu a forbidden technique.
Itachi: and that was any technique would cost us our eyes.
Sasuke:!! So…it is like Izanagi.
Itachi: Yes, though its power is greater.
Sasuke: greater?! Itachi Izanagi allowed Danzo to change death into an illusion, how can Izanami be stronger than that!

Itachi turns his head to look at his brother and give a small smile

Itachi: You say that with such emotion yet you still managed to defeat him didn’t you?
Itachi: And if I remember correctly about Danzo he carried more than just one sharingan with him. If Izanagi was that incredible shouldn’t you already be dead?

Itachi lets go of Kabuto’s head and turns around to face Sasuke.

Itachi: I think he can look after himself for a while and I guess I should explain this to you since you’ve seen it now.
Itachi: you’re experienced in enough by now to know that a technique can be used in many ways so you know what I’ll say next won’t be the complete truth but it will provide you with an understanding of the techniques.
Sasuke: hmph, I already feel like I’m back at the academy, I didn’t realise this would turn into a lecture.
Itachi: Well since I’ll be the one giving it you might finally learn something. Now, Though the function of Izanagi and Izanami never changes their affect does depending on the how much chakra the person has and how proficient they are with the sharingan.
Sasuke: Ok
Itachi: Think of Izanagi as the perfect counter jutsu, its quick to implement can enhance your attacks and as you said it can even counter death mamking the opponents attacks moot..
Sasuke: Exactly now how can-
Itachi: I haven’t finished yet young Uchiha! Itachi says holding up his finger in a mock telling of gesture at sasuke.

Itachi turns to look at kabuto, he puts his hand against Kabuto’s head, he seems surprised for a moment but takes his hand back and turns his attention to Sasuke once more.

Itachi: Izanagi, as strong as it is, also has it’s downsides, it has a time limit, requires a lot of chakra to implement, and once its over you lose an eye. So if you don’t succeed in what you’re doing by the time it finishes then you’ll end up like Danzo.
Sasuke: so are you saying Izanami has no downsides?!

Itachi stares at his brother for a moment with an unreadable look on his face. He then raises his hand and points to his blind eye.

Itachi: Izanami has the same downsides though they’re slightly different.
Itachi: whereas Izanagi can be activated quickly, Izanami takes time to prepare as it has certain conditions.

Itachi turns once more towards Kabuto and puts his hand agains his head. Once more you see the shocked look on his face and then he smiles. He removes his hand and turns back to sasuke.

Itachi: let me tell you what Izanami does first. It traps the victim into a genjutsu of an infinite loop of the events that occurred just before it activated.
Itachi: Its like being trapped in a room that you can’t destroy or escape and every time you think you have you find yourself right back in the room as you first were. Right now Kabuto is trying every method he knows and every tactic to try to escape it but all he causes to happen is to repeat it.
Sasuke:…How? I don’t understand? How could he get caught with a genjutsu whilst his eyes were still protected?!
Itachi: Firstly Izanami doesn’t require eye contact. Izanami requires you to view everything that will be captured within it. Any object event within my eyes view whilst it was preparing is now a part of it including Kabuto and including that little fireball you let off!
Sasuke: Little?!
Itachi: which by the way he is getting seriously irritated about having to avoid every time the loop repeats.
Sasuke:…ok, I get that now, once izanami is prepared the fight is essentially over you win.
Itachi, yes, but not just that alone. The effect of Izanami is dependant on your chakra, the more you use the bigger the area of effect and the more people that can be captured within it.
Sasuke:!!! Madarra!
Itachi: Yes, when he mentions the infinite Tsukoyomi he actually refers to Izanami. a regular tsukoyomi no matter how strong would never work, but Izanami has one similar characteristic to the edo tensei technique.
Itachi: once set it can never be removed unless the caster cancels it himself, even with the casters death Izanami will remain active on the victims forever!

Sasuke looks over at Kabuto for a moment
Sasuke: Ok but how is this going to force him to give up the information and release the edo tensei technique, he’s trapped but even within there I bet he’s protected himself so how do you plan to manipulate him so that I can finally kill him.
Itachi: Izanami is limited by what it views everything else within it comes either from the user or the person trapped within it. In other words Kabuto is trapped in that half of the cave and all he has for company is me and you.
Sasuke: me?
Itachi: well not really you, you’re just a puppet in there doing whatever Kabuto expects that you would normally do. He can even see the rest of the cave but he can’t move out of the confines of Izanami. Tell me Sasuke, how long would it take for you to break whilst trapped and confined in genjutsu such as this, also since I cast the jutsu a representation of me is also in there which I can freely control whilst I’m in contact with him.
Sasuke: It would take a lot longer than we have, we cant wait around for him to give up! He used to be a spy, he can’t be interrogated and he won’t break easily!
Itachi: You forgot what I said at the beginning. The affect of Izanagi and Izanami depends on the users chakra and their proficiency with their eyes.
Sasuke: their proficiency?
Itachi: yes, you must have used your mangekyou enough to have noticed the differences between my ameterasu and tsukoyomi compared to yours and the differences between our susano’s as well.
Itachi: Since I am no longer alive I had no reason to limit the chakra I put into Izanami so increased its affect greatly… and I believe you know in which area I am exceptionally skilled at.

Sasuke flashbacks to his previous encounters with itachi and getting in his Tsukoyomi.
Itachi turns once more to face Kabuto and slowly begins to raise his hand.

Itachi: He’s been stuck in there for a couple of minutes by now. Each minute within Izanami now feels like being caught in my Tsukoyomi for a full day.
Sasuke (what!!!)

Itachi places his hand against Kabuto’s forehead

Itachi: Tell me Sasuke, how would it feel to be trapped for over 1500 years?

Scene changes to Kabuto and Itachi inside Izanami

Itachi moves forward looking around the cave. At the far end of the room you see Kabuto.
He looks like he’s half melted his snake skin rolling down him, he lies on the floor almost looking like a large puddle though his arms neck and head are still distinguishable.
His eyes shift, focusing on Itachi as he moves closer. They have the look of someone who has given up, who has been dead for a long time. He speaks, his voice barely a whisper, raspy and lost of all power

Kabuto: So, you’ve finally returned
Itachi: I have, it seems you stopped attacking me
Kabuto: what was the point, nothing I did could get me out.
Itachi: and s o you just decided to give up?

Kabuto slowly shifts and moves himself so he’s sitting up. A little more anger and energy flow into his voice and you finally see some emotion in his eyes.

Kabuto: What else could I do? I even tried killing myself and still ended up coming back here, you can’t even die in this damn illusion!!!:…How long has it been?
Itachi: About 1500 years…long enough for anyone man, though barely a drop in pool of immortality.
Kabuto: What do you want Itachi, what will it take for you to kill me and end this…existence.
Itachi: I want what I have always wanted kabuto, for you to end your edo tensei technique…and one other thing if you’d be willing.
Kabuto: I’ll do anything, anything to right now end this. I’ll destroy the world and myself along with it!!!
Itachi: In actual fact I was hoping that you would help me save it.

Next Week: Naruto 588: New Beginnings


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