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Naruto 587-A Fate Worse Than Death!

 Side Text-Trapped in an endless cycle.

*Chapter starters with Kabuto repeating the loop*
Kabuto: Damn that Itachi, he planned this from the start.
*Flashback scenes to when Izanami was activated and where the loops originated from*
Kabuto: I can't escape this...I never excepted such a Genjutsu...

*Back to Itachi and Sasuke*
Sasuke: What exactly happened?
Itachi: *Explains in detail what Izanami is all about(Takes up a few pages)*
Sasuke: Unbelievable!
Itachi: I want you to promise me you'll never use Izanami or Izanagi.
Sasuke: Why?
Itachi: Just promise me!
Sasuke: !
Itachi: ...
Sasuke: Fine...I promise I'll never use Izanami or Izanagi.
Itachi(Thinking): I hope you'll follow through with your promise...
Sasuke: So are you going to cancel Edo Tensei now?
Itachi: Yes, but it may take some time. I must find out exactly how to stop it, I'll need to concentrate on finding the right hand seals, Kabuto could have set a trap and if I enter the wrong hand seals it could end in disaster.
*Itachi closes his eyes*

*Scene changes to the Daimyo area. Two background ninjas are there, with Black Zetsu still on the ground*
FBN(First Background Ninja): It sucks that we're left behind here to watch this guy...he's dead isn't he, why can't we just go with that Chojuro guy and the others to fight against that masked freak!
SBN(Second Background Ninja): It can't be helped, we still have a duty to watch over the Daimyo, someone else might come to kill them or capture them.
FBN: Well I guess it's not so bad, this freak certainly wont be giving us any more trouble *Kick Black Zetsu, then turns around to face the building with the Daimyo*
Black Zetsu(Thinking): !!! IT'S TIME!!!
FBN: I wonder if those old guys are even worried, last we checked on them they were playing cards...*Turns around to face the other background ninja* !? Wha...what's going on!!??
*Black Zetsu is holding the second background ninja's upper body why the lower body has been ripped off and is on the ground*

*Scene changes to inside the Daimyo place*
Fire Daimyo: I win again, hohoho!
*Screams are heard*
Daimyo: !?
*Two background Ninja run outside, all they see are the other two background ninja ripped in half*

*Scene changes to Itachi, Sasuke, and Kabuto*
Sasuke: ...
Itachi: ! Found it!
Sasuke: Great, then hurry up and cancel so we can have our talk.
Itachi: I know-!?
Sasuke: !?
*White stuff starts coming out of Kabuto(...), Itachi backs away*
Itachi: What is that?
Sasuke: I remember's that Zetsu's guy jutsu!
Itachi: Zetsu?
*Hoshi appears on Kabuto*
Off panel voice: Hey Itachi, long time no see!
Itachi: !?
*White Zetsu appears*
White Zetsu: How's death been treating you?
Itachi: ...
Sasuke: ?! I thought I killed you!
White Zetsu: Huh? Oh...that was one of my Kisei Bunshin. I must say though, I'm hurt you intended to kill me, guess we aren't friends anymore.
*Black Zetsu appears*
Black Zetsu: I'm afraid your efforts at stopping Kabuto comes to an end here.
Sasuke: You think you can stop us!
*Sasuke gets ready to attack Black Zetsu*
Itachi: Sasuke stop!
Sasuke: !?
Black Zetsu: You're a fool...attack me and Kabuto dies.
Sasuke: So what!
Itachi: I already told you Sasuke, Kabuto needs to be alive so I can stop Edo Tensei...
Sasuke: Urgh!
White Zetsu: Now then, it's about time we had some-
Black Zetsu: Fun!

End Text-An unexpected move!


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