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Naruto 587 prediction

Kabuto tries again to attack.
And again his horn got cut.
After a few same attempts he askes Itachi:
Kabuto: How many choises do i have?

Itachi: Its not about choises. Its the destiny that only you can decide. Like I told you earlier.
Kabuto:..... think kabuto think. your the powerful one, there must be something.
Itachi: No there isn't. You have lost already. From the moment i have cutted your horn the first time. You have all the time of the world to choose the right destiny...
Kabuto: ....
Itachi: Now i go talk to sasuke. Enjoy Kabuto.

Itachi: Well Sasuke, what did you want to know? I dont know how long it takes kabuto will choose his destiny. So lets talk.
Sasuke: No Brother. You talk. I will listen.
Itachi: .... Okay.

Scene switches to bijuu fight.

White zetsu appears next to Tobi.
Naruto: ...?

Tobi: You have news for me.
Zetsu: Yes. Dont know if you will like it.
Tobi: Tell me.
Zetsu: Itachi had broken out of the edo tensei, end i think he's ending the edo jutsu right now.

Tobi: Oh he did? ( Itachi is full of suprises, even after his death)
Zetsu: Sasuke is there too. He killed my original body..

Naruto: Sasuke? Itachi? Kabuto? Interesting...
Kakashi: You can hear them talking Naruto?
Naruto: Yes, itachi is ending the edo-tensei right now and Sasuke is there too.
Kakashi: Sasuke and Itachi?! So they are on the good side.
Naruto: No, sasuke isnt i think. He's my job to handle told Itachi to me.
Kakashi: Itachi told you?! When? He's dead.
Naruto: One moment please, i try to listen.
Kakashi: Sure... (whats happening)

Tobi: So sasuke teamed up with Itachi huh? I dont like that..
Zetsu: Itachi is telling Sasuke right now what really happened at the Uchiha incident..
Tobi: No! Shit.. My plans... Well i dont care. Sasuke will come to me eventualy. He can't win against me at the moment. Cause i have the rinnegan already.
Zetsu: (I hope your right..) Tobi.. What do you want me to do?
Tobi: Keep watching them until the end. I hear from you later. Dont bother me again. I have things to finish up.
Zetsu: .. Yes sir..

Naruto: So the real truth huh? Wonder what that is..
Kakashi: Which real truth?
Naruto: About Sasuke's family.
Kakashi/guy: ??!!
Naruto: Well we won't find out at this moment

Naruto: Yo nobody!
Tobi: what do you want little brat?
Naruto: (with a smile on his face) Behind you..
At that moment before Tobi realizes he's falling to the ground, and flying to the air again.
Tobi whats happening??!)

Naruto: Your flying in mid air, and you face is scared!
Bee: But you cant see his face, that rhyme was a waste!
Naruto: dont care. I know it is.
Tobi: How are you doing this??
Naruto: Im not doing it. Not alone I mean.. Hehe.

After that moment, a big chakra shrine comes from Naruto and absorbs it again.
Kakashi: WHat happened!?!!! Are you okay Naruto?? Wait.. what?!

Naruto: HHHHMMMMMMAAAAAAARRRRR!!! WOOOW!! I feel so.... good!!!!
Kyuubi: You like it huh??!!! Me too! Long time ago when i felt this..

Tobi: This power.. And the rain stopped also..
Tobi: Gedo statue, GO!
Naruto: Show me what you guys got!!


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