Naruto 586- Unforgivable Act

The last scene of previous chapter showed Kabuto cut Itachi in half.
Itachi begin to regenerate, Kabuto is trying to put kunai with fudda seal in Itachi head.
Sasuke: I don't let you do this!
Sasuke using Susanno Hand to catch Kabuto, Kabuto sensed danger and jump back.
As Itachi is regenerated.

Sasuke: Itachi,?!
Scene change to World which is controlled by Itachi Tsyukomii

Sasuke schocked: Why I am here?!
Itachi: You wanted to talk, so we can talk now
Sasuke: Fine, but what about Kabuto
Itachi: This is problem, Izanami technique isn't easy to use.
Sasuke: Why?!, explain
Itachi: Izanami is technique which, power of jutsu depends from knowledge which user posses.
Sasuke:So, what is problem?!
Itachi sighed: I can easily kill him, but I can't stop Edo Tensei suddenly, because Killing doesn't require knowledge, but to stop Edo Tensei, I have to force Kabuto to do certain handseals, but I don't know what handseals, so I have to find out them.
Sasuke: So for what you wait?!
Itachi: I have to use Tsyukomii on him, to find these handseals in his mind. His eyes so protected, so I have to make him open them. There comes in hand Izanami. First I will imagine him with eyes opened witout protection and then I will use Tsyukomii and scan his mind to find handseals necessary to stop Edo Tensei.
Sasuke smirk: Great plan Itachi, do it
Itachi: Earlier I imagined two of my self. First is talking with you, second will be find answer how to stop edo tensei. In real world I can't move, so I will trouble for you
Sasuke: got it
Itachi: So I will tell you truth, what really happened in Uchiha Massacre and more
Sasuke: Itachi, please don't lie to me.Finally I will know truth
In Real world, outside of Tsyukomii

Kabuto smiling: Itachi, so now you failed. You don't move even a inch still
Sasuke: Now I will protect you brother
Sasuke summon many kunai from seal on his hand and throw them in Kabuto directon
Kabuto disapointed: You too, Sasuke, both of you are weak, you can't use your ability efficently
Sasuke smirking
Sasuke: Itachi needed little time to make Izanami work, so I stalled you a little.
Itachi: Exactly.
We see Kabuto with opened eyes without protection, and he is frozen

Kabuto: What?!, my eyes, I can't move, What did you do Itachi!
Itachi smilling: You fell in our trap, now Tsyukomii!
Kabuto: NO!!
In Itachi Tsyukomii, the scene shows one of hideout of Orochimaru, where Kabuto tried to fuse two animal.

Kabuto: This is?!
Itachi: So you remeber this. You failed then. This is why you will fail now too.
Kabuto: No, you will fail
Itachi: You failed becuase you tried to create something which become something else, what existed already. Now you are this creation, who is trying to be someone else. It is not possible.
Kabuto: I don't care, I will continue
Scene changes to Red sky

Itachi: No, you won't. You have to be stopped for Sumoning dead ninja to fight for yourself. It is unforgivable to bother peace of dead people. Now I will Stop Edo Tensei!
After few seconds Itachi finally discover handseals necessary to stop Edo Tensei
Itachi smirks: It will be finally over, Sasuke will finish you. You are too dangerous and too evil to let you live
Itachi Cancel Tsyukomii, In Real world

Itachi: While Izanami is working, now I want you to do these handseals.
Kabuto body is raising his hand and begin to do these handseals.
Kabuto: No!!, how you dare
In Itachi Tsyukomii Itachi and Sasuke finish talking
Sasuke puzzled expresion on face: So this is how it was.
Itachi: Yes, remeber there is always chance for you to be good.
Even if you are in covered by total darkness, Izanami is little light which can overcame this darkness.
Itachi Tsyukomii ends

We see as dead people who was summoned by Edo Tensei dissapearing one after another
Sasuke: ...
Itachi(turning to Sasuke): So I guess, There time for me to go, bye bye Sasuke
Itachi begin disappearing , and finally as he is gone. Kabuto will control his body again
Kabuto: Itachi, You give me many troubles, you even took part of great power from me. Now you will regret this, When I will finally capture your little borther, Sasuke!
Sasuke take fight stance: I wanted to kill you, and my brother asked me to finish you, so perfect for me to fight you. Now I am not restricted I will kill you with pleasure for using Itachi, bastard!

Naruto 587 - Clash of Titans


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