Naruto 587 Predictions

Naruto 587 - Clash of Titans

Sasuke is looking at Kabuto with strong intent to kill.

Kabuto: kuku, so you want to kill me now Sasuke kun
Sasuke doesnt respond, then Kabuto is smiling widely.
Kabuto: Time for me to get award for my part in this war.
Sasuke: Award, what did you mean?!
Kabuto: you don't need to know. You know , you can't win
Sasuke: we can't be sure before I try
Kabuto: nice joke Sasuke-kun, ?!

Suddenly Kabuto body begin shaking from pressure of chakra. Sasuke concentrate and begin to gather more and more chakra.

Kabuto: So you was serious after all.
Sasuke use Sunshin to be close to Kabuto, then Sasuke try to cut Kabuto with his sword. Kabuto dodges and send punch to Sasuke stomach, Sasuke block this punch with his sword.
Kabuto: it was fast Sasuke, but I predicted this
Sasuke: So what do you say, abut this.
Sending lightining chakra to sword, paralyze Kabuto.
Kabuto: Arghh!!.
Kabuto use his snake to attack Sasuke, who is pushed away on the knee from blocking snake with his sword.
As Sasuke stand up. Sasuke: Fire release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique!
As Kabuto restored from paralyzing effect.
Kabuto thinking: He is using this to disract me, but this is useless.
As small fire balls are closer and closer to Kabuto. There are kunai with notes.
Kabuto notice notes and assume they are explosive notes.
Kabuto snake change in Jiroubu.

Kabuto: Earth Release: Earth Shore Return !
Earth wall is rising before Kabuto.
Sasuke throw many shurikens again

As First shurikens stab in earth wall. They are exploding.
While Explosion last, From Sasuke right eye blood is dropping down
As Second shurikens are close and close to Kabuto. Smokes disappear.
Kabuto noticed shurikens flying in his direction. He defend himself with crossing arms.

Kabuto: This is useless Sasuke , I don't need even to dodge this
Sasuke: Amaterasu!
Sasuke thinking: I created special notes which absorb Amaterasu, black flames. I used Amaterasu on nothing, but it was absorbed to notes, which was conected to shurikens. I am really good.
As Second shurikens as about to stab Kabuto, instantly they are covered by black flames.
Kabuto: No way!
Kabuto is stabed by shurikens covered by Amaterasu. He feel terrible pain
As Kabuto is vomiting himself to escape, Sasuke uses Enton Kagatsuchi to manipulate black flames shapes, to attack Kabuto, who is comming from his body covered by Amaterasu. Kabuto affect to dodge these attack and left his old body which burn intesively.

Sasuke: shit!
As Kabuto left his old body, he is charging at fast speed at Sasuke
Kabuto: You will pay for that!
With concentrated Sage chakra in his fist he punch Sasuke with huge force. Sasuke activate Sussano ribcage in last second before punch connected, sending him flying in rocks.
As smoke clear. Sasuke stand up and walk in Kabuto direction.
Sasuke coughing blood: What a power, you managed to broke even my sussano ribcage and still I got wounded. I can't even see chakra in your hand. Sage mode is really something, I admit.
Kabuto: You are lucky, if you didn't use your sussano in time, you would be badly injured and incouncious.
Kabuto is running to punch Sasuke again.
Sasuke: He is too fast. I can't surivive again and again against his strentgh.
As Kabuto is close to Sasuke. He is pulling hand to punch him with nature force again. Suddenly Sasuke is covered by ligtining shroud and he step aside in time for Kabuto to miss.
Kabuto with widen eyes: Impossible!
Sasuke jumping back with fast speed.
Sasuke: Amazing , Lightining shroud of Raikage is so much useful.
Kabuto So you used Ligtining shroud of Raikage, you are realy creative.
Sasuke thinking: This is really difficult to control, There is on another level than Chidori Nagashi. Even with sharingan, I can't control it perfectly.
Kabuto: Taijutsu on close level is useless, so Nature force: Dragon ghost punch!
Sasuke thinking: What did he use?!
After moment Sasuke is hit by invisible punches in shape of dragons.

Sasuke: Arghh!!. Sasuke is sending flying and hit in rocks.
Kabuto is using Kidoumaru to create spider web, which is shoot at Sasuke direction. As Sasuke stand up. He is bleeding.
Sasuke: Ligtining release: wall of ligtining needles!
Spider Web is cut by ligtining needles.
Kabuto: I see lightining shroud protect you from damage too, at least a little
Sasuke: Never understimate me,fool!
Kabuto: nice one Sasuke, As I learn more and more about our abilities, I want you more than ever.
Sasuke: you are gross
Kabuto transorm his snake in Kimimaro and use bone forest.
Sasuke use Sussano and lost ligtining shroud. Sussano defend him from this bone forest.

Sasuke: shit, I can't keep ligtining shroud and use Susanno at the same time.
Kabuto: I am sick of your Sussano, Sage Art: White Rage Technique!
Sasuke: No, it is again!
Sasuke disable Sussano and activate Raiton shround almost the same time.
Sasuke close his eyes and Raiton shroud defend him from defaining sound.
As sound is quiter and quiter and light is almost disapeared.

Sasuke with victorious expression face: I was right,?!
As He noticed Kabuto in last second. Kabuto used chakra scalpel to cut Sasuke. Sasuke dodges thanks to Lightining shroud and use Chidori to hit Kabuto. Kabuto use Hydrification jutsu to split himself.
Sasuke: Now, Chidori Nagashi!
The parts of body Kabuto changed in water are paralyzed by lightining.
Kabuto: ARGHH!!!
Sasuke: Now, you fall in my trap, Amaterasu!
All water is covered by black flames.
Sasuke: done,?!
Suddenly Sasuke is punched by Kabuto appeared from nowhere.
Sasuke is sending flying in rocks.

Sasuke: Fire release: Great Fire Ball!
Kabuto use chakra scalpel to cut Firebabll in two.
Sasuke use Sussano ribcage few second ago before he hit rocks.
Kabuto appear before Sasuke and use his snake to catch him. Sasuke doesn't react in time. He is wrapped by snake. In one second Kabuto eyes meet Sasuke eyes.

Sasuke: Now, tsyukomii!
In Tsyukomii world we see Kabuto , who is intertwined to cross. Sasuke stand in front of Kabuto.

Sasuke: You will kill you in this world, here you are powerless
Sasuke: Something is wrong...
As Sasuke cut Kabuto with his sword, and cover him black flames Amaterasu. Kabuto didn't even shout at once
Sasuke realized he is not real and cancel Tsyukomii.
In the same time he is almost bite by snake, but he activate Lightining shroud in time and avoid this, dashing back.
Sasuke: How did you do that?!
Kabuto: I used one clone simple. First time was when you were attacked by Sage Art: White Rage Technique, I created clone and he attacked you. My real self left behind. Second time when you hit rocks, I used clone again, who attacked you, and I was safe all this time.
Sasuke: You are bastard and I hate bastards!
Sasuke: Lightining release: Chidori needles!
He is throwing many lightining needles at kabuto, who is avoiding all punches.
Sasuke: Ligtining release: Chidori blade!
Sasuke use chidori blades to cut all rocks pillars , which keep this cave in balance.
Kabuto: He planed to destroy cave,?!
Sasuke: Sussano!
All rocks are falling at kabuto and Sasuke, but Sasuke is protected by Sussano full skeleton form.

Sasuke is smilling at Kabuto, who surivived almost unscatched
Kabuto: What make you smiling Sasuke-kun, your strategy didn't work.
Sasuke: Maybe yes,maybe no.
Sasuke: Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique!
The Scene shows three fire dragon flying in sky.
Kabuto thinking: He missed , no he did it with aim.
Sky is dark, and black flames emit so much hot, thunders are heard.
Kabuto: What did you pan to do?!
Sasuke using chidori in hand. lightinings appeared in sky.
Sasuke: Disappear with thunder roar, Kabuto, Kirin!
Kabuto :!
Last scene shows Kabuto schocked expression, as light blind him more and more and finally lightining hit him.

What will happen next?!

588 - Frightining revelation


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