NARUTO 587: Backfire

  Kabuto: Explain! How was I able to get inside your genjutsu.
Itachi: It was no simple task, Izanami requires three things. The first, is of course the eye of the user, the second, I must make contact to the person I wish to use the technique on and finally...the person himself has to make contact with me in order to complete the technique.
Kabuto: !! I back then, when I stabbed your clone, that's when the loop began...and when I cut you in half, that's when it ended....
Itachi: ...
Kabuto: So in other words, I'm stuck in this forever unless I do one of two things...
Kabuto: End the Edo Tensei or kill myself.
Itachi: Correct.
Kabuto: hmmm Itachi....even in have all these surprises kukuk.
Itachi: ?
Kabuto: Did you really think you would win that easily?
Kabuto: It's like Deidara said....those damn talent...just power.
Itachi: Yet here you are defeated.
Kabuto smiles
Kabuto: Well, it's like you said, every technique has a weakness.
Itachi: Yes..but you lost your opportunity to seize that weakness. It's over now.
Kabuto: wrong you are.
Itachi: ....
Kabuto: You want me to end edo tensei?
Kabuto forms hand seals
Itachi: !! He's really doing it.
Kabuto: Done.
Back in the real world
Itachi starts crumbling
Sasuke: Wait what? What's going on? What happened?
Itachi: He..actually did it...he ended it? no...
Kabuto: I've chosen my destiny carefully, and you failed to realize what I truly did.
Kabuto: I only had three of my pawns running around. One, is standing in front of me.
Itachi: ...?
Kabuto: The other, the second Tsuchikage, who's in the battlefield against the 5 kages.
Scene switch to that battlefield
Muu: !?
Muu starts crumbling
Muu: No...
Sasuke: And who's the third one?
Kabuto: Uchiha Madara.
Sasuke/Itachi; !?
Sasuke: What?
Itachi: It means nothing, he's gone now..
Kabuto: Is he now?
Itachi: You're bluffing, you ended your technique.
Kabuto: Yes. All MY summons are defeated.
Itachi: !?
Kabuto: The Second Tsuchikage summoned Uchiha Madara, not me. And now he will be gone forever, like you.
Sasuke: Shit...
Itachi's body is basically gone.
Itachi: Sasuke...quickly look into my eyes..
Itachi: Tsukyomi!
Sasuke: !
Sasuke is in a dark place with Itachi.
Sasuke: I get it...
Itachi: I don't have a lot of time....even if I'm in tsukyomi. My presence in this world is fading away rather quickly.
Sasuke: What happened...
Itachi; I was unaware that he used a third party to summon him. I failed once again.
Sasuke: ....what can I do.
Itachi: Fix my mistakes, do what I could not do. You're stronger than me now, and have my eyes. Kill Kabuto, and then eliminate Uchiha Madara.
Sasuke: Wait...there are so many thing I wanted to ask you about!
Itachi: I'm sorry.....maybe next time little brother.
Right when Itachi is about to poke Sasuke in the head he vanishes.
Back in the real world.
Sasuke: ....
Kabuto: One down, one to go.
Sasuke: Just me brother! (EMS activates)
Chapter End.


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